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WFH working from a kitchen table

What Employers Urgently Need to Know About Kitchen Table Ergonomics

With many people working from home, employers need to consider liability for ergonomic injuries has pierced the veil of the corporate campus.

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Effydesk Home Office Standing Desk Review

The Home Desk standing desk is an affordably-priced option as adjustable-height desks are concerned. Its desktop is constructed of cheap laminated particleboard and is offered in three sizes.

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Effydesk Business Standing Desk Review

The Business standing desk by Effydesk is a slight upgrade from their entry-level Home Office Standing Desk

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inflation hits standing desk sellers who source from china

The Net Effect of Covid, War, Inflation and Global Supply Chain Challenges On The Office Ergonomics Market

We asked industry CEOs how prices and selection in the office ergonomics market have been affected by the economic changes in recent years.

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Effydesk Terradesk Standing Desk Review

The Terradesk by Effydesk is an environmentally-friendly standing desk made from 10,854 recycled chopsticks and offered with three different desktop sizes including 47, 59 and 70-inch lengths by the standard 29" wide.

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risedesk canadian standing desk Standing Desk Review

The Rise Standing Desk is one of the few options for Canadian customers to get a standing desk shipped directly from Toronto.

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Progressive Desk Solo Ryzer Standing Desk Review

The Solo Ryzer standing desk is a disappointing second offering from Progressive Desk. Its upgrade to a dual-motor (from the single-motor Economy Ryzer) fails to deliver significant upgrades in quality with its design, desktop material or height range.

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Progressive Desk Corner Ryzer Standing Desk Review

The Corner Ryzer standing desk utilizes a triple-motor steel frame that is designed to fit snugly into corners and comes in 10 unique desktop configurations.

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ApesDesk Lumi Glass-top standing desk in an office

ApexDesk Lumi Glass Top Standing Desk Review

This ApexDesk Lumi Glass Top Standing Desk review demonstrates how something shoppers think will be classy and stylish can fall short when it arrives at your home. Some unique features can't make up for poor quality control and damage.

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FlexiSpot E5

FlexiSpot E5 Standing Desk Review

The FlexiSpot E5 is one of the cheapest dual-motor, dual-stage standing desks you can buy. How will the rest of the desk perform?

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FlexiSpot E9

FlexiSpot E9 Standing Desk Review

The FlexiSpot E9 standing desk is an economy option, dual-motor adjustable-height desk featuring minimal weight capacity and height range.

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Branch Standing Desk Review

The Branch standing desk is an overpriced adjustable-height desk produced by the NYC-based Branch Furniture company. It is a commodity-grade product from China sold at a premium price point.

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