Effydesk Home Office Standing Desk Review

February 18, 2023
  • First Look


Review Summary

The Home Desk by Effydesk is a relatively affordable standing desk option for Canadian consumers of medium stature. It’s single-stage lifting base has a limited 28” to 46” height adjustment range.

Best Use

Users who are not too short or too tall.

MSRP / List Price

$715 CAD

Street Price

47″ x 29″: $715 CAD
59″ x 29″: $840 CAD
70″ x 29″: $965 CAD
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Free 7-day shipping within Canada


8 years on frame and motor
No warranty on the desktop

Lift Type

Electric, dual motor

Transit Speed

1.2 inches per second (30mm)


Four memory presets

Sizes Available

47″ x 29″
59″ x 29″
70″ x 29″

Colors Available

Tabletop: Oak white, oak wood, oak black
Frame: Black, gray, white

Adjustment Range

Height adjustment: 28″-48″

Weight Capacity

265 lbs minus weight of desktop

Product Weight

Frame 62 lbs
47″ Desktop 40 Lbs.
59″ Desktop 50 Lbs.
70″ Desktop 60 Lbs.

Typical Assembly Time

45-60 minutes, drill and powered screwdriver recommended

ANSI/BIFMA Certified


NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Where to buy Buy on Effydesk
Positives One of the most inexpensive standing desk being mass marketed to Canadian consumers today.
Negatives The very definition of cheap, commodity-grade componentry and features. Only three sizes and three color choices in the particleboard desktop, which has no warranty coverage.

Bottom Line

Effydesk is the new "Autonomous of Canada" pushing very cheap, commodity-grade (Chinese-made) standing desks with heavy social media advertising to Canadian consumers.

This is a “first look” synopsis on the Home Desk manufactured by the Effydesk company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. A full review of their line of standing desks is coming soon.

The Home Desk by Effydesk is an entry-level standing desk that is one of the most basic adjustable-height desk being offered in the Canadian market today (the very cheapest and simplest probably being the Progressive Desk Economy Ryzer Standing Desk). The elements of this desk include an extremely cheap quality desktop and a single-stage electric lifting base that can support 265 pounds minus the weight of the desktop you choose.

As cheap as this desk is, for what’s available from Canadian standing desk companies (as compared to some of the really cheap, low-quality imports you can find on Amazon.ca) this is a minimal quality product at somewhat of a premium price for what you get. While the particleboard desktop is pre-drilled for “easy assembly” many users report having to get their drills out because some of the holes do not align with the frame. The low-quality laminate is susceptible to easily showing fingerprints. It comes in only three colors: oak white, oak black and oak wood.

The minimalist lifting base is a single-stage affair with a very narrow height adjustment range that won’t be sufficient for the shortest or tallest individuals, so it isn’t recommended for any but medium-statured individuals. This is in the name of cost savings, allowing the desk legs to be built with only two telescoping leg segments instead of the usual three. There are no common features you’d find at this price point like anti-collision or anti-tilt sensors. Even at its very slow transit speed of 1.2 inches per second it is susceptible to overheating and has a low duty cycle. Again, such things are to be expected in a cheap Chinese import, but the Effydesk Home Standing Desk isn’t priced all that cheap.

The instruction manual is equally minimalist, and in the installation video—meant to give an unrealistic impression of how easy it is to assemble the unit—hilariously doesn’t even show any cables connecting the motors and handset to the controller. It’s a pretty standard assembly for an inexpensive Chinese base, meaning the labor has been shifted to the customer so expect to spend 45 minutes to an hour putting it together, assuming you’ve built one or planned ahead and downloaded the installation manual from the website (it’s not included in the box).

Effydesk backs its Home Desk with an 8-year warranty on the electrical motor and frame, but if you read the fine print (as in, look carefully for what’s missing) there is no warranty on the desktop itself. It also currently offers a 30-day trial period as well.

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