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ergonofis maple alive standing desk

Top Canadian Standing Desks

A breakdown standing desk options manufactured by Canadian-based companies including Effydesk, Progressive Desk, Risedesk and Ergonofis.

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ProgressiveDesk Table Tops for Standing Desks

These are some of the cheapest tabletops from Canada that you can get, and the quality matches the low price.

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Progressive Desk V Ryzer Standing Desk Review

The V Ryzer standing desk by Progressive Desk features a 120-degree angled design. It's three-legged support offers a 228-pound weight capacity and reaches a maximum height of 49.1".

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Progressive Desk Economy Ryzer Standing Desk Review

The Economy Ryzer standing desk by Progressive Desk, as its simple name would suggest, is a low-budget option within the adjustable-height desk category.

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Progressive Desk Solo Ryzer Standing Desk Review

The Solo Ryzer standing desk is a disappointing second offering from Progressive Desk. Its upgrade to a dual-motor (from the single-motor Economy Ryzer) fails to deliver significant upgrades in quality with its design, desktop material or height range.

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Progressive Desk Corner Ryzer Standing Desk Review

The Corner Ryzer standing desk utilizes a triple-motor steel frame that is designed to fit snugly into corners and comes in 10 unique desktop configurations.

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