Effydesk Terradesk Standing Desk Review

February 18, 2023
  • First Look

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Review Summary

The Terradesk by Effydesk is an environmentally-friendly standing desk featuring a desktop made from 10,854 recycled chopsticks. This environmentally-sustainable product has a beautiful butcher-block tabletop look and offers “20,020 gram carbon storage.”

MSRP / List Price

$1,749 CAD

Street Price Scan for available discount deals

Free in Canada


8 years on the lifting base
No warranty on the desktop

Lift Type

Electric, dual motor

Transit Speed

1.4 inches per second (35mm)


Touch keypad with four memory presets

Sizes Available

47″ x 29″ x 1″
59″ x 29″ x 1″
70″ x 29″ x 1″

Colors Available

Tabletop: Oak wood
Frame: Black, white

Adjustment Range

Height adjustment: 24-50″

Weight Capacity

310 lbs (minus weight of desktop)

ANSI/BIFMA Certified


NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Where to buy Buy on Effydesk
Positives Environmentally-friendly desktop made from recycled chopsticks.
Negatives No warranty on the desktop

Bottom Line

A unique standing desk option given the recycled chopstick design and eco-friendly nature. The Terradesk tops the commodity-grade quality desktops being mass produced out of China, but still comes with a commodity-grade Chinese-made lifting base.

This is a “first look” synopsis on the Terradesk manufactured by the Effydesk company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. A full review of their line of standing desks is coming soon.

The Terradesk by Effydesk is an environmentally-friendly standing desk option made from 10,854 recycled chopsticks and offered with three different desktop sizes including 47″, 59″ and 70″ widths and a depth of 29 inches. This environmentally sustainable product has a cool butcher-block tabletop finish and offers 20,020 gram carbon storage. We can confidently say that this desktop option is one of the most unique in the industry.

Effydesk offers the Terradesk in three different color finishes (Oak white, oak black and oak wood) and two frame colors black or white. Effydesk backs its Terradesk with an 8-year warranty which appears to cover only the lifting base. While the online warranty disclosure seems to exclude the desktop, a live chat with a rep from Effydesk revealed that they have a “two year warranty” of the desktop, however they would not put this in writing on the website, so we’re not sure how valid that really is. Given that this is an uncommon process that is proprietary to ChopValue, Effydesk’s Canadian partner in making butcher block out of recycled chopsticks, we would be a little cautionary about the durability of such a product. Effydesk does offer a 30-day trial period on its standing desk, but that’s little guarantee against delamination of the desktop of years of up/down cycling and frame flexing. So if and when we do receive a Terradesk for lab testing this is one of the things we will definitely be looking out for in our evaluation of the material.

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