RiseDesk Live Edge Epoxy Standing Desk Review

February 5, 2023
  • First Look
Rise Desk makes a unique premium epoxy desktop right in Canada


Review Summary

The Live Edge Epoxy desk developed and sold by RiseDesk out of Toronto is one of the three premium standing desks made in Canada today (the Ergonofis Sway and Alive desks being the other two). This 60″ by 30″ tabletop is locally sourced from the forests of Canada, shaped and finished using epoxy resin inside a local Toronto woodworking shop and offered in two unique finishes — black and beach wave. You have to see this desk in person to truly appreciate the solid, natural wood surface and the quality craftsmanship. We personally can’t wait to get our hands on one.

MSRP / List Price

$2,995.00 CAD


Free shipping within Canada


10 years on the base

Lift Type

Electric, dual motor

Transit Speed



Four memory presets

Sizes Available

60″ x 30″

Colors Available

Tabletop: Black and beach wave
Frame: Black, white


Solid walnut sustainably sourced from Canada. Filled using epoxy resin. Desk frame is steel.

Adjustment Range

Height range: 27.5″-47″

Weight Capacity

260 lbs (minus weight of desktop)

ANSI/BIFMA Certified


NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Where to buy Buy on Risedesk.io
Positives Visually stunning, it's an art piece.
Negatives It's odd to us to see such a stunning and pricey desktop affixed to a commodity-grade, made-in-China lifting base.

Bottom Line

At least in photos, this epoxy resin desktop is absolutely gorgeous. While they didn't invent this kind of countertop RiseDesk is the first company that we've seen put on top of a sit-stand base. It's still early in its introduction to the market and the company is working on improving its production capacity; right now these tops are available in very limited production. Given the price and quality of the desktop, though, we think it would be more appropriate to pair it with a professional-grade, American-made lifting base than the commodity-grade, Chinese-made base it is sold with today.
A Live Edge Epoxy desk by RiseDesk.

This is a “first look” synopsis on the Live Edge Epoxy desk manufactured by RiseDesk, a company based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A full review of their line of standing desks is coming soon.

The Live Edge Epoxy desk by RiseDesk is without question one of the top three most unique desktops made in Canada (the other two being the premium solid wood desks from Ergonofis, the Sway and the Alive).

RiseDesk employs a local Toronto woodworker in the development of the solid walnut desktops. The natural “live edge” of the wood is incorporated into the design so that no two desktops are ever the same. Epoxy resin is used to fill in the crevices and fill out the 30-inch depth of each desktop.

A close-up shot of the Live Edge Epoxy desk by RiseDesk. These “live edge” desks feature 100 percent solid walnut wood sustainably sourced from Canada and no two desktops are the same.

RiseDesk offers this desk in two different resin finishes—black and beach wave—and just one width, 60 inches. The lifting base is the same commodity-grade, Chinese-made affair as is used in their more pedestrian RiseDesk Standing Desk, which we’re reviewing separately. We find it particularly odd that the company has chosen to pair this very expensive, classy desktop with such a low-quality lifting base rather than go with a professional-grade American-made lifting base as Ergonofis and iMovR do with their premium solid wood desks.

One drawback of this desk presently is its limited availability. You may find yourself waiting for the production of your desk for an undetermined period of time as the woodworking shop completes its backlog of orders.

Other desk accessories offered by RiseDesk include monitor arms, a standing mat, ergonomic desk chairs, a leather desk pad and a monitor screen light.

RiseDesk backs the Live Edge Epoxy desk with a 10-year warranty and currently offers a 30-day trial period.

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