ergonofis maple alive standing desk

Top Canadian Standing Desks

A breakdown standing desk options manufactured by Canadian-based companies including Effydesk, Progressive Desk, Risedesk and Ergonofis.

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Effydesk Home Office Standing Desk Review

The Home Desk standing desk is an affordably-priced option as adjustable-height desks are concerned. Its desktop is constructed of cheap laminated particleboard and is offered in three sizes.

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Effydesk Business Standing Desk Review

The Business standing desk by Effydesk is a slight upgrade from their entry-level Home Office Standing Desk

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Effydesk Terradesk Standing Desk Review

The Terradesk by Effydesk is an environmentally-friendly standing desk made from 10,854 recycled chopsticks and offered with three different desktop sizes including 47, 59 and 70-inch lengths by the standard 29" wide.

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