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March 6, 2021

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Balance trainers come in all sorts of shapes including rocker boards, wobble boards, inflatable wobble cushions and even standing desk balance boards. Today, we compare the top balance trainers available on the market.

While most balance trainers are best used for physical therapy and fitness, some users manage to implement them as part of their standing desk workstations. Sure, they may not look as attractive or provide as much real estate for your feet, but they cost a lot less and present more challenge to the young and active workers, plus you can use them in your workouts, although we’d recommend limiting their use only in the gym.

Balance Trainers as Budget Alternatives to Standing Desk Balance Boards?

1. Modern Movement M-Pad

Price: $79.99, $119 list price
Size: Collapsed: 16-3/4″ x 13-1/3″ x 2-1/3″; Expanded: 23″ x 13-1/3″ x 3-3/4″
Construction: Plastic, metal, and rubber
Colors: Gray/orange
Warranty: 2-year frame/parts Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Summary: Modern app-powered balance trainer with a display challenges your core through instability. Three height and difficulty levels allow for balance training and core engagement.

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2. BOSU Trainer

Price: $99.98 (color blue), $103.96 (color pink) street price, $119.99 list price
Size: 22”, 26”
Construction: Rubber and plastic
Colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Blue/Black (with only Blue and Pink available on Amazon)
Warranty: 90 Day Limited, 1 Year Limited, 2 Year Limited

Summary: BOSU designed by David Weck back in 1999 has become a go-to fitness balance trainer for many gym-goers. An improvement on the balance ball, it makes for a safer, more stable balancing surface that you can use to train your balance or to strengthen separate body parts, particularly the core.

With that said, this product, in particular, has polarizing reviews from the users. Some love it; others utterly hate it because they either had a bad customer experience upon the delivery or received an obviously defective product.

Note that a complete package includes a BOSU Balance Trainer, a pump, 4-in-1 workout DVD’s +2 workouts from the Xplode Series DVD, and an owner’s manual. Although proudly made in the USA, the above average rate of air loss and manufacturing defects seem to be the recurring issues with this product.

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3. Bintiva Balance Disc

Price: $15.79-$17.99 street price, $39.99 list price
Size: 13” diameter
Construction: Plastic
Colors: Black, Blue, Grey, Orange, Purple, Strawberry, Pink
Warranty: 100% manufacturer’s warranty

Summary: Bintiva Balance Disc is an inflatable wobble cushion made to improve balance, stability, and posture. It can also be used to take pressure off your back and neck from prolonged sitting. Among other uses, the cushion is marketed as a solution for calming overly active kids who have a trouble sitting still.

The disc is made of rubbery plastic and comes in an array of colors. It arrives inflated with a needle and a pump for adjustability. We found that most users had a positive experience with the product, however, some report the poor quality of the needle and pump.

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4. Yes4All Balance Foam Pad

Price: $23.99-$27.99 street price
Size: Large – 15.5” L x 13.5” W x 2” H, X Large – 19” L x 15” W x 2.25” H
Construction: Closed Cell Foam
Colors: Black, Blue, Purple
Warranty: 5-year warranty and 60-day return

Summary: Balance trainers come in different forms. Yes4All Balance Foam Pad is a 15-19 inch square made of soft and tear-resistant EVA foam that can be used for fitness and physical therapy alike. Balancing is made challenging thanks to a certain level of bounce provided by foam.

Some buyers are using it in place of a standing mat, as they find its level of padding much more comfortable than that of the regular anti-fatigue mats. The Foam pad’s small size, however, does not allow a lot of freedom of movement.

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5. AppleRound Wobble Cushion

Price: $10.99-$14.40 street price depending on color
Size:14” in diameter advertised (12.75″ actual size)
Construction: Plastic
Colors: Blue, Pink, Purple, Grey, Green, Yellow
Warranty: Replacement or refund available for defective or faulty pump or cushion.

Summary: AppleRound Wobble Cushion looks just like Bintiva’s Balance Disc and comes in additional colors. Delivered deflated, it comes with a free hand pump, but it may take some getting used to if you want to inflate it.

One of the users brought to attention the fact that the cushion is nowhere near advertised 14” diameter and ends at the mark of 12.75″. Other than that, most users report a positive experience with the product, especially when used as wiggle seat for kids.

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6. Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board

Price: $21.99 street price, $46 list price
Size:15” diameter, 4” height, weight capacity 300 lbs
Construction: Wood and Plastic
Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Purple, other colors available – Gray
Warranty: Company is set to provide a hassle-free customer service should any product issues occur.

Summary: Wobble boards are the best balance trainers for intermediate users because they provide a 360-degree movement. With an advertised 15 degrees angle of tilting, this 15-inch board can provide enough challenge if you seek to improve balance and stability or rehabilitate after a leg injury.

Users who are looking for a budget standing desk balance board may find that this is a possible alternative to office balance boards with several buyers successfully using it at their standing desks.

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7. Sportneer Wooden Balance Board Platform

Price: $23.99 for black, $22.99 for sky blue
Size:15.7” diameter, 3” height, weight capacity 250 lbs
Construction: Wood and Plastic
Colors: Black, Blue
Warranty: 12-Month Replacement Warranty and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Summary: An extensively similar board rebranded as a Sportneer Wooden Balance Board Platform comes only in two colors but at a more attractive regular price and with a 12-month replacement warranty. Just like the Yes4All board, it has 10-20 degrees inclination angle and is made specifically for balance training.

Although these boards have a non-skid surface, the smooth plastic base will slip if used on smooth, slippery floors.

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8. ProFitness Wooden Balance Board

Price: $28.95
Size:15.5” diameter, 3.1” height, weight capacity 330 lbs
Construction: Wood and Plastic
Colors: Black, Blue, Red
Warranty: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Summary: So far the sturdiest of all round balance trainers, ProFitness Wooden Balance Board comes with a similar design but an increased weight capacity.

One of the user’s complaints about the board is that it’s too easy to balance. If you find a 20-degree angle too easy, you may want to try a board with a steeper angle or an unattached base like Revolution or Indo Board.

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9. Fury Fitness Balance Board

Price: $29.99
Size: 16” diameter, 3.2” height, weight capacity unknown
Construction: Birch Wood and Plastic
Colors: Black, Blue, Red
Warranty: 10 Year Warranty

Summary: Marketed as the only board that comes with an anti-slip mat, this balance board looks exactly as all the others before it – round, wooden deck with a sturdy plastic base.

This one, however, has quality issues that may force you to use that 10-year warranty. Multiple users report that the base of their board is attached an inch off the center of the deck with one user reporting splitting of the 11 layers of birch – the construction of which the company is really proud. Additionally, the company’s customer service leaves much to be desired.

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10. Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Price: $129.95-$139.95
Size: 30” x 11.5”
Construction: Wood
Colors: Black/Blue, Black Green, Natural (Eco Series)
Warranty: 1-Year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Summary: If you feel like you are ready for something even more challenging or have a great interest in developing your athleticism, Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer will surely make things interesting albeit more dangerous.

The deck comes separately from the poly-wrapped roller base, which allows a higher degree of inclination angle, hence, instability. Much like the Original Indo Board made for surfers, skateboarders, and athletes, the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer makes for an ultimate balance challenge.

Although the board is made of 11-ply hardwood, the roller may have some quality issues. It is advised to use the board on carpeted surface, as the hard smooth floors further increase the difficulty and level of instability.

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Balance Boards for Standing Desk

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