Amazon reviews

Why Amazon Reviews of Office Fitness Equipment Tend to Be Inflated

A phenomenon that we observe with great regularity with regard to Amazon reviews of office fitness products specifically is that many of them are posted before the merchandise even arrives, or after the first day of using the product, and are highly optimistic about how the produ…

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Review Criteria for all ergonomic office products

WorkWhileWalking & WorkWhileStanding Review Criteria

To gather data for these ratings we combine our review team’s experience with user reviews posted online (both on our own sites and 3rd party websites) by verifiable owners of that product.

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anti fatigue mats for factory workers

Which Has Greater Impact on Relieving Foot Pain for Standing Workers – Special Shoes or Standing Mats?

We get this question often from employers who are looking for cost-effective ways for reducing foot pain, absenteeism and medical costs for employees who have to stand on their feet all day.

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Humanscale Float Manual Adjustable-Height Standing Desk

Humanscale Float Table Stand Up Desk Review

There's something almost seductive about a Float table. Innovative counterbalance technology makes these desks fast, easy adjusters. While Humanscale had some growing pains first bringing this desk to market, they appear to have thoroughly resolved their packaging and shipping is…

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ErgoGo Standing Mat Review

Review ErgoGo Standing Mat Review coming soon! Compare Check out our Calculated Terrain Mat Comparison Review to see our experts’ views on topographic mats currently in the marketplace. And if you’d prefer to look at more traditional, flat standing mats, see our Stand…

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