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ergonofis maple alive standing desk

Top Canadian Standing Desks

A breakdown standing desk options manufactured by Canadian-based companies including Effydesk, Progressive Desk, Risedesk and Ergonofis.

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ergonofis Sway, ergonofis reviews

Ergonofis Standing Desks

See the complete round-up of our reviews of Ergonofis premium Canadian standing desk products.

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ergonofis Alive standing desk

Ergonofis Alive Standing Desk Review

The Ergonofis Alive is the most luxurious standing desk from the Canadian company. It comes with a 1.75" thick solid wood top with a live edge.

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ProgressiveDesk Table Tops for Standing Desks

These are some of the cheapest tabletops from Canada that you can get, and the quality matches the low price.

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Ergonofis Sway solid wood standing desk

Ergonofis Sway Solid Wood Standing Desk Review

The Ergonofis Sway solid wood standing desk is a high-quality piece of furniture for a classy and ergonomic office. It is also the only option for a solid wood standing desk that is made in Canada. So, if that is what you are looking for, you're in luck.

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Ergonofis Shift Standing Desk Review

The Ergonofis Shift Standing desk comes from one of Canada's premier brands in ergonomic office furniture as their more affordable model.

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effydesk wildwood Solid-wood-tabletop-walnut-3-segment-frame-black

EffyDesk Wildwood Solid Wood Standing Desk Review

One More of the Few Canadian Solid Wood Desks The ⁣EffyDesk Wildwood solid wood standing desk model with white frame There are three standing desk makers that lay claim to “the best Canadian-…

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EffyDesk Executive L-Shaped Standing Desk Review

Commodity-grade L-shaped standing desk manufactured in Asia but from a Canadian company provides a decent workspace at a decent price.

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Burotic Solid Wood Standing Desk Review

Solid wood standing desk from a Montreal-based manufacturer with a Canadian hardwood tabletop paired with a commodity-grade lifting base from China.

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