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Indo Standing Desk Balance Board Review

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Gray white (blank)



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<250 lbs


30" x 18" x 3"

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13.2 lbs (may vary from board to board)

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17 lbs (may vary)

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Indo Board is one of the veteran players on the market of balance boards. Developed back in the 70’s, Indo Board hit the market twenty or so years later and is now offered not only to recreational athletes but also to professionals who could use some movement at their standing desks. Recognizing the emerging market, we’re guessing Indo Board did not have any trouble adapting their existing product for the office. To create a rather simple and easy-to-use standing desk balance board, they combined the Indo Board Original Deck and IndoFLO cushion, and unlike many other office balance boards, the Indo Board Standing Desk Balance Board comes in a wide array of designs and colors. You can also choose between deck shapes.

Indo standing desk balance board Indo Original

Indo standing desk balance board is really an adapted Indo Board Original GF with FLO cushion

The main feature of this particular balance board, however, is not even its 30" deck but an adjustable cushion that can be deflated or inflated to regulate the board’s degree of wobble. Creating 360 degrees of instability, the cushion takes only 3 to 5 seconds to adjust (no pump required), so you can gradually build up your balance. The more comfortable you become using the board, the more air in your FLO cushion you should be able to handle. The only other balance board that uses an inflatable base is Pono Board.

Indo standing desk balance board Indo FLO Cushion

Indo FLO Cushion that creates instability in the board.

The wooden deck will certainly bring the beach atmosphere into the office. And although the cushion is not the most elegant solution design-wise (it has to be removed from under the board when not in use; you risk to void your warranty if you fail to do so), it is virtually unnoticeable when you’re on the board.

It would be interesting to experiment with a much bigger board than what we’ve already tried, and see how it differs from the smaller ones.

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