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treadmill desk reviews

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Your First Treadmill Desk

We’ve helped thousands of users get their first treadmill desk, so we tapped our staff experts for their favorite tips to new users.

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finished grommet hole

What Are Grommet Holes Used For In a Computer Desk?

Everything you ever wanted to know about grommet holes in computer desks, what you can do with them (like adding grommet-mounted desktop power modules), and how to cover them if you're going to use them only for cable pass-thru.

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How Many Calories Can You Really Expect to Burn Using a Standing Desk or Treadmill Desk

Mayo Clinic: How Many Calories Can You Really Expect to Burn Using a Standing Desk or Treadmill Desk?

The question of exactly how many more calories you can burn using a treadmill desk hasn’t been thoroughly understood, until now.

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where can i find a treadmill desk store where I can try one out?

Where To Try Out a Treadmill Desk Before Buying One?

Where can you try out a treadmill desk for yourself before plunking down the cash for one?

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TreadTop anti-fatigue mat

How We Conduct Integrated Treadmill Desk Reviews

We’ve developed a unique evaluation process that provides the most exhaustive analysis of any given product as every aspect is put under the microscope.

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company paid treadmill desk

How to Get Your Employer to Pay for Your Treadmill Desk

Does your job require you to spend hours hours sitting in a chair? We have ten tips for getting your employer to pay for your treadmill desk workstation.

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correct height for treadmill desk

Setting the Proper Heights for the Treadmill Desk Surface and Keyboard Tray

The easiest way to picture your most “neutral” position is to think about how astronauts’ arms hang when they’re floating in their sleeping bags.

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treadmill desk

How To Install A Keyboard Tray On A Treadmill Desk

In this primer we cover everything you need to know about how to install a SteadyType keyboard tray on a treadmill desk.

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treadmill desk stretching

Why Treadmill Desk Users Need to Stretch Like Professional Athletes

It is best to stretch before mounting the treadmill, to take frequent stretch breaks and stretch at the end of every session.

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5 Ways To Keep Your Feet Happy While Using a Standing Desk

Do your feet hurt after using your standing desk? We can help. Learn our top five ways to keep your feet happy while using a standing desk.

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treadmill weight loss

Top 5 Tips for Losing Weight Using a Treadmill Desk

If you're trying to lose weight using a treadmill desk, these tips are essential for you to get the most bang for your buck.

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user height for standing desk and treadmill desk

Tips for Taller Stand Up Desk and Treadmill Desk Users

Taller workers looking for a treadmill desk may need to make special considerations, but don't let a treadmill's added height compromise ergonomic safety.

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aerobics and treadmill desks

Using a walking desk should complement getting real aerobic exercise

Keep in mind that using a treadmill desk is the best way to combat sitting disease but it is not a substitute for getting aerobic exercise

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how long you should walk at a treadmill desk

How Long Should You Walk When Working at a Treadmill Desk?

Unless you already spend several hours a day walking, you will feel some new muscle pains if you overdo it. We provide our best treadmill desk walking tips.

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ideal width of treadmill base

Does Treadmill Belt Width on a Walking Desk Make Any Difference?

It may not seem very important at first blush but it turns out the width of the belt can be a very important criteria in choosing a treadmill base.

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Treadmill for Running

The Difference Between Walking Treadmill and Cardio Equipment

A top speed capability of more than 4.0 mph is the first giveaway that a treadmill desk’s base unit was borrowed from an existing running treadmill model.

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Treadmill powertrains

Treadmill powertrains – is your treadmill’s drive system sufficiently powered?

Treadmill weight limits or weight ratings are almost meaningless when being used " in a walking desk application. Here's how to really evaluate them.

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Lifespan Fitness Club Membership

Lifespan Fitness Club Membership Review

Tracking software designed mostly for cardio exercise, with treadmill desk usage as an afterthought. This software is not as advanced as many free apps.

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treadmill desk etiquette

A Guide to Treadmill Desk Office Etiquette

A guide for officemates on the proper etiquette in approaching someone who is actively walking and working on a treadmill desk.

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Everest Treadmill Desk Rental

How to Rent or Lease a Treadmill Desk

Instead of purchasing a large fleet of treadmill desks sight unseen, it makes sense for many large enterprises to instead rent or lease a treadmill desk.

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students on treadmill desks

Are Treadmill Desks a Good Thing for Kids?

Kids hate sitting for endless hours as much as adults do, if not more so. You don't have to be over 40 to feel the physical anguish of sitting too long.

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read or watch something on a. treadmill desk

Better to Consume than Create Content While On Your Treadmill Desk

Experienced treadmill desk users have learned to accumulate intensive writing tasks for those hours when they are sitting or standing.

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If all you do is sit in a chair all day you'll need to drink at least 8 cups of water to stay healthy. Whether you exercise or just use a treadmill desk you'll want to up that quantity.

How to Stay Hydrated and Avoid Sweating While Using Your Treadmill Desk

Keep in mind that when walking at a treadmill desk, even at 1–2 mph, your body will be evaporating more water than usual.

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noise at a treadmill workstation

Isolating Noise and Vibrations in Your Treadmill Desk Workstation

Treadmill desks can be shaky contraptions if not set up properly. Learn how to isolate vibrations from the treadmill and from your body's swaying motions

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Best Place to Put a Treadmill Desk in your Office

Where’s the Best Place to Put a Treadmill Desk in your Office?

Treadmill desk placement can be tricky in some smaller offices so take the time to really think it through before assembling your treadmill desk.

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treadmill desk safety tips

Treadmill Desks and Safety – Some Worthy Precautions

The biggest safety issues for treadmill desk users are potential minor injuries from improper ergonomics or insufficient stretch breaks.

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The Difference Between a Treadmill Desk and an ‘Exercise Desk’

Perhaps the most common misconception about treadmill workstations is that they are "exercise desks." This just isn't the case.

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Office Treadmill Lubrication

How to Lubricate A Treadmill

Does your treadmill belt hesitate with every step, or make more noise than it did when you first got it? If so, a simple treadmill lubrication may be all you need.

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Squeaking, Scraping Treadmill Bases

Troubleshooting Squeaking, Scraping, or Hesitating Treadmill Bases

Treadmill troubleshooting can be difficult, but we have a list of easy fixes for the most common issues from our treadmill experts.

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treadmill for diabetes

Can You Walk Off Type II Diabetes by Working While Walking?

The correlation between Type II diabetes and weight struggles is so direct that most people consider the words “obese” and “diabetic” to be synonymous.

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imovr thermodesk elemental product image

Do Treadmill Desks Actually Help You Move More at Work?

Editors' rant about coverage of a recent Oregon State University research study, which shows treadmill desks are an effective office-fitness intervention.

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Making Phone Calls from Your Treadmill Desk at Work

Making Phone Calls from Your Treadmill Desk at Work

For stability and safety, plus the convenience of continuing to be able type with both hands while walking, a good headset is a must.

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Minimizing “tethered time” on your treadmill desk

The human body was not meant to walk with arms tethered to a keyboard. We explain how to compensate for it when walking on a treadmill desk.

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Dealing With Static Electricity Build-up In Your Treadmill Desk

Treadmill desks can generate a huge amount of static electricity. Learn about effective anti-static products and methods, prevent harming your electronics

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Average treadmill desk user

What Does the Average Treadmill Desk User Look Like?

Results of a recent survey of treadmill deskers, plus our own anecdotal observations from meeting hundreds of them in person, may surprise you.

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Treadmill desk liability issues

What Legal Departments Need to Know About Treadmill Desks

We often hear from employees of large corporations and government agencies that their legal dept put the kibosh on treadmill desks.

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How many treadmill desks are in use today?

We estimate between 300,000 and 500,000 treadmill desks are in use in the US as of Q4'13. Current sales of commercial units estimated at 40K-80K per year.

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Treadmill desk weight

Do Treadmill Desk Weight Ratings Really Matter?

There are no industry standards for establishing the weight rating of a treadmill desk, so what's really behind the numbers, and are they real?

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energy efficient treadmill desk

Five Tips for Making Your Treadmill Desk More ‘Green’

What is the carbon footprint of your treadmill desk? We explore some power conservation tips for walking desk users to explore.

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treadmill smoothie recipe

Best Smoothie Recipe for Healthy Treadmill Desking

The WorkWhileWalking staffers tasty drink of choice for optimal health, since we're all into treadmill desking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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