Egofit Walker Pro Treadmill Base Review

January 18, 2023

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egofit walker pro treadmill desk review


Review Summary

This is an unfortunate example of sham fitness marketing by a Chinese manufacturer that clearly doesn’t know that a) the average stature American couldn’t possibly use a treadmill this short and narrow, b) the five-degree built-in incline will raise users’ heart rates well into cardio range and make it completely impossible to actually type while walking, c) the 70 dB noise level is incompatible with thinking while walking much less being on a phone call. And the list goes on. From what we have already seen even before our formal lab testing is completed, this treadmill is a safety and ergonomics travesty that should probably be avoided at all costs.

Best Use

As a dog treadmill, perhaps.

MSRP / List Price $399
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Free shipping to contiguous United States


Only one year


Handheld remote control or through app

Weight Capacity

We originally saw 245 lbs as the claimed maximum user weight. We are highly dubious of this rating as a typical 245-lb user would have too long a stride length at even the slowest possible walking speed to be able to use this contraption.
The most recent weight capacity they give is 220, but the limitations mentioned above are still applicable.

Walking Belt Size

Walking area size: 16.54″ x 34.25″

Top Speed

0.62-3.11 mph


Item dimension: 38.39″ x 21.85″ x6.89″


2.0 HP

Noise Level

Originally, 70 dB at full speed of 3.1 mph.
Currently they claim around 56 dB, but that is still annoyingly loud.

Connectivity Features

Has a Bluetooth connection to a barely functional smartphone app, but at least they are trying.

Product Weight

48.5 lbs

Shipping Weight

55 lbs

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic


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Ease of Assembly
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives CHEAP. Can be returned within 30 days if purchased through Amazon but may be subject to "being charged a restocking fee up to 50% of item's price for used or damaged returns". As it says, it is the smallest treadmill/walking pad out there, so it can fit in small places, that is if you don't care about all its other problems in the first place.
Negatives The belt is too narrow and short for all but the smallest individuals to use without significant safety risk. Very noisy when being walked on. Ridiculous warranty. Atrocious ergonomics. Just not usable in the way they advertise it.

Bottom Line

An example of the worst of sham fitness marketing, this treadmill base is suitable for dogs, not people.

We have not yet gotten one of these treadmills into our labs for testing yet, but we will give you our analysis from what we can see. Originally set up as an Indiegogo campaign, it only got 3 backers in that time. Egofit still decided to launch the product, though it looks like it got a few alterations from the crowdfunding listing to their current information. However, it really isn’t any better than our original conclusions determined.

egofit walker pro incline
⁣With a slight incline of 5 degrees, the Egofit Walker Pro will get your heart rate up faster than flat treadmills, which will naturally keep you from walking it as long.

Below is some basic product information until our reviewers have concluded their lab testing. To be notified of the final published review please subscribe to our free monthly Office Fitness Club Newsletter.

  • Technically this is, as the Chinese manufacturer Egofit claims, the “Smallest And Lightest Treadmill You Can Find In The World”.
  • Arrives fully assembled.
  • There is no desktop controller. The unit comes with both a handheld remote control and a free smartphone app to control the treadmill from your smartphone. Just having the app, is a plus, but it’s performance is questionable at best.
  • The LED readout is down on the ground in the motor housing of the treadmill, which means it is pointless if you are using it under a standing desk.
  • Claims to have an automatic lubrication system.
  • Originally claimed a noise signature under 70dB at the max speed of 3.1 mph, which is the same as a coffee grinder. Currently declares that it is at around 56 dB, which is better, but will still be too loud for office environments or during a video/voice conference. Many users complain of a high “whooshing sound” while in operation at any speed.
  • Claimed a max user weight of 245 lbs, which has been lowered to 220 lbs, and we find even that hard to believe because the belt itself is only 33.5″ long. An optimal belt length for the slow walking speeds of a treadmill desk user is at least 40″, and many treadmill desks go even up to 60″.  The next-shortest walking treadmill base we have analysed is the Unsit at 40″,which can still be short for those with longer strides (and likely reaching that 220 lb limit). So we just have to wonder where they found a 242.5 lb user with such a short stride length. Furthermore, the belt is also far too narrow at 16.5″, similar to the Exerpeutic Workfit 2000 treadmill. Decent belts are 18″-wide and the best width for treadmill desking is 20″ or wider.
  • The design utilizes a ramp to decrease the load on the motor by having gravity help out. The problem is that this ramp will place most users out of the NEAT zone and firmly into cardio heart rates, and at a vacillating typing height, making it absolutely useless for actually working while walking despite the photographs of claptrap treadmill desk setups the manufacturer uses in their advertising.
  • Users are shown in socks, which is almost as bad as being barefoot in terms of potential injury. Just one of many telltale signs that Egofit is chasing the treadmill desk market without understanding the first thing about the ergodynamics of working at a treadmill desk.
  • A sweep of all available user reviews on Amazon, unreliable as they can often be in this category, indicate very consistent problems with this product, chiefly:
    • Hard to move in and out of position, and the wheels break extremely easily.
    • Very noisy; users say they have to wear headphones when using it and to pause it when on calls.
    • Very high failure rate out-of-the-box or within short order, including of replacement units that customers received.
    • Remote is extremely hard to use, readouts down on the floor are hard to see (impossible while actually walking at a desk), and the smartphone app barely functions.
    • Only very short users have a somewhat reasonable experience, however even they do not realize the risks of walking with such a short stride as necessitated by the 33.5″-long belt.
    • Difficulty in getting decent service.
egofit walker pro small size treadmill
⁣While the small size of this treadmill makes it seem convenient, it will come with a host of other problems that practically make it unusable.

As you can already tell, our review team members are not fans of this product. In fact, it may take the prize as the worst treadmill desk base we’ve ever reviewed. Even just watching their own model demonstrate the treadmill in use, you can see her foot leaving the deck right as her toes reach the rear roller of the treadmill, and her hips swiveling awkwardly in maintaining a too-short stride length. This is extraordinarily dangerous and we strongly suspect that this treadmill lacks UL certification. If so, no consumer, much less employer, should ever allow this thing onto their premises. We have sent an inquiry to the company requesting proof of certification but have not heard back from them at this time.


Item dimension: 37.8” X 21.2” X 6.8”/96x54x17.5cm

Item Shipping Weight: 55.1lbs/25kgs

Max Capacity: 220 lbs/110 kgs

Walking area: 16.5”X33.8”/42x86cm

Speed range: 0.6-3mph/1-5kmh

Ergonomic Fixed incline 5°

Remote control Start & Off

APP control Start & Off and record

Maneuverable wheels

Comes fully Assembled

Digital display(Speed/Steps/Time/Calories)

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  • zoe March 22, 2023

    Complete scam, do not purchase this treadmill. Had it for a month and it started making noise. I documented the issue and they recommended I tighten the belt. I sent more footage of the problem persisting and they told me I voided the warrantee by following their instructions. Absolutely NO support will be provided with any issue. Skip such a big purchase and find a reputable company that will honour their warrantee.

  • Taylor June 28, 2022

    Just bought one and it arrived defective. There is no customer service and they expect us to pay for return postage and have so much verbage about any damage to the machine resulting in no refund that I already know they will claim damages no matter what.

    No customer service on their Amazon store, no customer service on their website, no US phone number to call, and they’ve told Amazon their is a lithium battery in the maching (even though there isn’t) to keep Amazon from accepting any returns on their behalf.


  • Yahia January 17, 2022

    I have had this product for about a week and so far I love it, but I am concerned about longevity based on this being a relatively unknown brand. After reading your article, I am concerned about my “short” stride length and walking with athletic socks. I am 5’6. I can’t find resources on your website related to the risks of walking with a short stride and using socks on a walking treadmill. I’d be willing to fork out more money for an equally portable but better unit but I simply see no other options in this category.