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Overall Best Sit-Stand Meeting Table Reviews

Standing desks may have led the charge, but standing-height and sit-to-stand conference tables are following suit. Standing meetings are in.

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boring onference meetings

The Next Revolution in Office Fitness: Sit-Stand Conference Tables

Another new trend dovetailing with the new interest in height-adjustable conference tables is the "daily scrum" meeting.

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work from home using sit-stand meeting table

Sit-to-Stand Tables Finding a New Home… in the Home

Adjustable-height meeting tables originally designed for meetings are finding their way into homes as an alternative to the traditional dining table.

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Best Adjustable Height Table with Power Strips

iMovR Synapse Adjustable Height Table Review

Review of the Synapse adjustable height table. A heavy duty stand up desk base, a wide table top and options, for an adjustable height conference table

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Confluence Adjustable Height Table Citrus

Focal Upright Confluence Adjustable-Height Conference Table Review

Purpose-built for the Mobis- and Mogo leaning seats, the Confluence lean-to-stand conference table makes for faster and more productive meetings.

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NewHeights Elegante XT Conference Table Review

The NewHeights Elegante XT adjustable-height table is available in an array of sizes and colors, with two or four legs, and flush-mounted outlets available.

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