Sit-to-Stand Tables Finding a New Home… in the Home

August 7, 2020

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work from home using sit-stand meeting table

When iMovR first introduced the concept of a “scrum table” (aka “multi-purpose table”) with their Synapse line of adjustable-height conference tables, the target market was clearly the small work group in the enterprise. But just as Blackberry phones migrated from the enterprise to the household, the same thing may now be happening with these uber-cool sit-to-stand tables.

Adjustable-height Conference Table
iMovR Synapse Adjustable-Height Scrum Table

If you’re not familiar with the scrum table, it’s simply a sit-stand conference table, but without the power plugs in the middle of the table. It’s designed for a software development team, for example, to hold 15 minute huddles every day. Don’t bother bringing your laptop’s charger, you won’t be there long enough to need to re-juice. Unlike fixed height sitting or standing tables, the Synapse tables can be used either mode, with a quick electric adjustment to change height. And they’re very inexpensive compared to typical conference tables.

As it turns out, they’re also very inexpensive compared to traditional dining room tables. iMovR’s scrum tables’ boat-shapes tops are made in 7 different sizes, up to a 42″ x 96″ table that’ll comfortably handle 10 seated individuals or 12 or more standing. Some people are finding that the idea of an electrically height-adjustable dining table in the home to be pretty cool. When not dining at sitting height they can use the table at standing height for

  • cocktails and hors d’oeuvres before dinner
  • eating actual meals either standing or seated on bar stools
  • board games and card play
  • craft projects
  • wrapping Christmas presents, and
  • other times when they need to spread out on a wide surface but would rather do it standing instead of sitting.

They can also set the table to lower heights for feeding and doing projects with young children. As the kids grow and graduate to higher chairs the adjustable-height table can accommodate easily.

And now with Covid-19, many people who don’t have room for a new standing desk in their diminutive home office are instead exchanging out their breakfast or dining tables for a Synapse multi-purpose table.

Another benefit of using a height-adjustable meeting table for a dining table is the ability to reach across a large surface area more easily when standing versus sitting. A family that wants to stave off the ravages of sitting disease could even have some of their meals standing, and it would be all the easier to reach across for another turkey leg. We wonder if people would tend to stuff themselves a little less if they ate Thanksgiving dinner while standing. They might tire out after a while and go sit on the couch, rather than sticking around for third helpings.

There’s even a bonus when seated for dining, in that some dining tables are just a skotch to low or two high for the style of chairs surrounding them, so having the ability to change height an inch or two can make the difference between slightly uncomfortable dining and a completely ideal situation.

With its steel legs (black, silver or white) the look of the Synapse table paired with a solid-color top may be perfect for the modern decor, but less suited to more traditionally furnished homes. On the other hand, with six luxurious woodgrain colors available the overall elegance of the table may fit very well in some of those homes, too. Managing the power cord going to the table will take some creativity, unless it’s going into a room with floor plugs conveniently located under the dining room table, but there are plenty of cord cover products available in the marketplace.

Will this new trend take off? We don’t know, but then the idea of bringing a treadmill desk into a bedroom or living room didn’t exist not too long ago either, and now hundreds of thousands of people have done exactly that.


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