UPLIFT 2-Leg Adjustable Height Conference Table Review

December 1, 2022
  • First Look

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uplift desk compact 2-leg conference table


Review Summary

Standing on UPLIFT’s V2 or V2 commercial base, this conference table has a large selection of tabletop materials, including a whiteboard option. While the table length of 80″ is good, the table depth of 30″ (the same depth as most standing desks) may feel a bit too intimate for face-to-face meetings. Having only one size too choose from is very limiting considering how many different rooms and group sizes a typical conference table line is designed to accommodate. This table feels more like a long standing desk. So much so that you can’t really get anyone seated at the ends because of interference with the lifting columns. In effect, this is a four-person meeting table when seated, and perhaps six people when standing (intimately).

MSRP / List Price $899
Street Price

Tabletop upgrades can run anywhere from $90 to $1,090 extra.


Free shipping to continental U.S.


15 years

Lift Type

Jiecang dual-stage, dual-motor base, same as on the Uplift V2 standing desks

Transit Speed

1.5″ per second


Variety of keypads available from basic up and down buttons to LED display with memory presets, or wireless foot switch

Sizes Available

80″ wide x 30″ deep x 1″ thick

Colors Available

Laminate: Walnut, White, Whiteboard, Black, Ash Gray, Maple, Cherry
Bamboo: Natural bamboo, Black Bamboo
Rubberwood: Natural bamboo, Dk Rubberwood
Butcher Block: Acacia, Birch, Reclaimed Birch, Acacia Chevron, Saman, Walnut
Live Edge: Saman, Pheasantwood
Solid Wood: Afr Mahogany, Thermo Ash, Walnut

Adjustment Range

V2: 25.3″- 50.9″
V2 Commercial: 22.6″- 48.7″

Weight Capacity

355 lbs

Connectivity Features

No Bluetooth

Typical Assembly Time

One hour

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic


Competition Compare to Other Standing Conference Tables
Where to buy Buy on Amazon

Review Coming Soon

We have not been able to have this product in our labs yet, but for now you can see some of its basic features that we have gathered above. Once we get a better look at this product, you’ll get our expert’s views ASAP.

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