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Gaiam Evolve Balance Board Review

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As we're looking at Gaiam’s Evolve Balance Board, we are both interested and cautious. A well-known lifestyle brand has not been diligent in bringing the best quality to their customers, with enough users reporting about their Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs quite literally falling apart from just months of careful usage. As much as Gaiam’s ideas seem to be in a more or less correct direction, their execution, to put it generously, has not been flawless.

With quite a few balance boards on the market, the price quality ratio of the board will be its demise or success. Evolve Balance Board looks like a good idea on paper, though. Made from PU, PVC, and TPR, it features an ergonomic shape that keeps the ankles neutral, a non-slip surface, and a generously sized 27" deck that could accommodate the taller users.

Shaped similarly to FluidStance’s The Level, Evolve’s base appears to be less extreme, making this a more affordable and probably a bit more stable omnidirectional balance board option for those who want a bit less challenge in their wobble for a smaller price.

Gaiam's Evolve Balance Board

Is Evolve's surface made of PU, and can it replace a standing mat?

What’s most interesting to us is whether the honeycomb non-slip surface is made of polyurethane. If that is the case, it could be that you wouldn’t need to buy a standing mat to be used specifically with the balance board (provided that the latter lasts any reasonable period of time).

In terms of aesthetics, Gaiam decided to go with the safest bet - sleek shape and a neutral grey color scheme. Not much to show off, but you probably wouldn’t hurry to get it out of sight in a modern office either.

Gaiam's Evolve Balance Board

With an arching base converging at a pivot point the middle of the board, Evolve can move in any direction, it seems.

While the brand assures that the product was built to last, that remains to be tested in our labs, however, from what we’ve seen from standing mats, 100% polyurethane performs the best.

UPDATE: As more and more Amazon reviews keep pouring in, it becomes clear that our initial skepticism of the board has been warranted. Users report that Evolve has Gaiam's, at this point, signature poor quality and surprisingly lacks freedom of motion.

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