Victor Technology High Rise Standing Desk

March 28, 2023
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Victor Technology high rise standing desk


Review Summary

Victor Technology’s High Rise Standing Desk is a “get what you pay for” product, and if you see the price, you aren’t paying too much. While it isn’t the cheapest electric standing desk out there, it is on the more affordable end. But with that comes a low warranty of only 3 years, limited range on single-stage lifting columns, cheap chipboard desktop, weak and slow single-motor design, and very limited options when it comes to customization or color. On the other hand, if you need a compact standing desk to fit a small area that is relatively easy to put together, that model could be what you need.

MSRP / List Price $507
Street Price

Compact: $507
Full: $523


Only ships to the U.S.


3 years

Lift Type

Single stage
Single motor

Transit Speed

0.6″ per second


4 memory programmable heights

Sizes Available


Colors Available

Top: Black or White
Frame: Gray


Chipboard top

Adjustment Range

28.7”- 48.4”

Weight Capacity

110 lbs


Compact: 23.6″ L x 36″ W
Full: 23.6″ L x 48″ W

Connectivity Features

No Bluetooth

Product Weight

Compact: 60.3 lbs
Full: 62.4 lbs

ANSI/BIFMA Certified


NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Positives The High Rise from Victor Technologies is a cheap standing desk with very limited options for customization. However, it has a compact option for those with limited space to put an ergonomic standing desk. It also claims to be able to assemble in under 10 minutes, which is great for those with limited time.
Negatives With only single-stage lifting columns this standing desk may not accommodate the shortest or tallest users with its limited height range. Only moving at 0.6" per second, it is incredibly slow with a single weak motor. Also evident of weak motor and construction is the tiny weight limit of 110 lbs. The top is chipboard, but when they don't highlight anything about it, we see it is the cheap material that likely won't last its warranty, if it gets to you undamaged. It has a very short warranty as well at only 3 years. Whether that is for the desktop, base, or both, it is indicative of pretty poor quality typical of desks in this price range.

Bottom Line

While this standing desk from Victor Tech is pretty affordable, it comes at the cost of quality throughout the desk. Standard cheap materials in the desktop, weak performance in the lifting mechanism, and pretty significant limitations all come together in an adjustable-height standing desk with a tiny 3-year warranty. On the other hand, there is a compact model for those that need a desk in a small space, and the simple assembly can be done in around 10 minutes, according to the company. As usual, it is a "get what you pay for" situation, so consider how much work you want to get out of the High Rise.

Victor Technology has a variety of ergonomic office products, including this High Rise compact model.

On the plus side, it is a budget friendly standing desk. And included in that lower price point, you get a pretty simple assembly process that they estimate most people can finish in around 10 minutes. It is also pretty quiet as it moves up and down. If you have limited space, you can opt for the compact model that is even cheaper.

The problems that we see on the surface are dealing with durability and limitations in design. It can only support 110 lbs, and moves at a sluggish 0.6″ per second. Even for single-motor designs, this is very weak which worries us. With only single-stage lifting columns, it may have a tough time accommodating taller and shorter users. As for the chipboard desktop, we fear that it will be easily damaged, given the lower quality of the rest of the desk and the tiny 3-year warranty on everything.

Shoppers will also have to be fine with very limited choices in customization as the only real thing to choose is whether the desktop will be black or white.

In the end, it is a “get what you pay for product” that will fulfill the basic ergonomic needs of most people, at least for a while.

Once we get one of these desks into our lab, we will provide a more extensive and in depth review with details we can only get with hands-on experience.

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