compact standing desk

iMovR Captain's Desk

iMovR Captain’s Standing Desk Review

If you’re tired of the typical “two legs and a slab of wood” standing desk design, the iMovR Captain’s Desk is a breath of fresh air.

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iMovR Studio 470 Base review

iMovR Studio 470 Electric Standing Desk Base Review

The Studio 470 electric standing desk base is bare bones simplified. With this DIY base you don't pay for what you don't need.

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iMovR ZipDesk shown in white with correct office ergonomics setup

ZipDesk Standing Desk Review

If you need a desk as fast as possible and are willing to pay a little bit more to not have to worry about product quality, the ZipDesk is for you.

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Victor Technology high rise standing desk

Victor Technology High Rise Standing Desk

This budget friendly standing desk from Victor Technology has a single-stage, single-motor design on a cheap chipboard desktop.

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Victor Technology High Rise Mobile Standing Desk

Victor Technology High Rise Mobile Standing Desk

Affordable single-leg standing desk that is on caster wheels, with one model that also has a built-in keyboard tray for slightly better ergonomics.

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ZipDesk best compact standing desk

Best Compact Standing Desk Reviews

While 95% of standing desks sold are 30 inches deep there are times when that's just too big for your available space.

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Northread Electric Standing Desk Review

Compact and quick install standing desk with a single-stage and single-motor design made with simple and low quality construction.

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FlexiSpot Esben

FlexiSpot Esben Standing Desk Review

The FlexiSpot Esben standing desk is great if you are on a budget, need storage and aren't too worried about fine-tuning your ergonomics.

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ecotribe Standing Desk Review

A compact workstation for the office or home built primarily for working while standing with shelves at adjustable heights.

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FAMISKY Dual motor standing desk

FAMISKY Dual Motor Standing Desk Review

One of the cheapest options for a full electric standing desk, the FAMISKY electric adjustable height desk is as basic as they come and only sells through Amazon.

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humanscale float mini single leg standing desk

Humanscale Float Mini Standing Desk Review

Tiny standing desk that can fit almost anywhere you need to work, sitting or standing. Bamboo tabletop and white legs.

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Humanscale eFloat one single leg standing desk

Humanscale eFloat One Standing Desk Review

Single leg standing desk that can fit in compact areas, allowing you to sit or stand while working. Bamboo tabletop and white legs.

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up rite mobile sit stand desk

Up-Rite Mobile Sit-Stand Desk Review

A podium-style sit-stand desk like this offers a mobile standing desk option that can fit in any office or home.

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Northread glass top electric standing desk

Northread Glass Top Electric Standing Desk Review

The Northread glass top single-motor electric standing desk is a cheap option for sit-stand workstations with low quality construction.

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fully remi standing desk review

Fully Remi Standing Desk Review

Fully's super low-budget alternative to the Jarvis, the Remi is limited in customization options and height adjustment range.

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