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LifeFitness Treadmill Desk Review

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Despite its Rolls Royce price tag this product lacks a proper ergonomic design, and offers an extremely limited option of one desktop size. It's a one-size-fits-all design that's got even fewer options than the 2007-vintage Steelcase Walkstation treadmill desk that it imitates. Sure, there are some improvements with the embedded LCD control console and an integrated plug bar at the back edge of the desktop, but nothing remotely worth the ticket price.

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Compared to similar products like the aged Steelcase WalkStation, the LifeFitness Treadmill Desk features an updated, slightly more ergonomic control console setup using a small LCD screen embedded on the right side of the desk instead of a membrane keypad console that slides out from the center of the desk. It also has a fancy plug bar integrated into the desktop.


Compared to anything else— which it practically photocopies—the LifeFitness treadmill desk is unexceptional, still suffers from the same ergonomic deficiencies as the WalkStation, and is severely overpriced. The company's lack of disclosure of even the most basic performance specifications, and lack of response to our invitation for a full evaluation lab review, leaves us with the distinct impression that the treadmill desk specifications aren't impressive.

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LifeFitness is apparently all about copying technology that's nearly a decade old and spinning it to the marketplace as something completely new. And they're doing it with great fanfare and an outsized marketing budget. Unfortunately, this treadmill desk is an imitation of the Steelcase Walkstation, possible the most antiquated, ergonomically-egregious design on the market. The $4,600 price tag is jaw-dropping in the face of so many better products available at a much lower price.

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