Lenfech Compact Invisible Laptop Keyboard Tilt Riser Review

February 16, 2021

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Review Summary

By introducing extreme positive tilt angles, the Lenfech Compact Invisible Laptop Keyboard Riser does the exact opposite of what ergonomic keyboard trays are intended to do. Instead of correcting for a bad typing angle that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, it exacerbates it. Other than wretched ergonomics, the feet slip on the desktop and the supports must be adhered to the bottom of your laptop, meaning it won’t sit level anymore.

MSRP / List Price $7.99

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1.97″ x .26″

Product Weight

.704 ounces


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Ease of Assembly
Customer Experience
Positives It’s less than $10. It doesn’t have catastrophic design issues like other keyboard tilt risers we’ve reviewed.
Negatives It will likely damage your wrists and/or forearm muscles because of the positive tilt angle. Adhering two supports to the bottom of your laptop means your laptop won’t ever sit level again. The supports might cover vents on certain laptop models, leading to overheating.

Bottom Line

The Lenfech riser has the same cringeworthy ergonomics as other keyboard tilt risers. While avoiding some of the potholes other entrants in this category fell into, it still renders your laptop unable to sit level on a surface. Also, despite the name, it is not invisible.

How did we get back here?

It took decades for computer keyboard manufacturers to acknowledge the droning complaints of ergonomists and finally stop putting those little pop-up tabs along the back edge of their keyboards. These tabs put the keyboard at positive tilt, putting more strain on wrists and forearm muscles. Instead, manufacturers like Microsoft, Kinesis and Perixx built up the correct “negative tilt” along the front edge of their keyboards.

Read the full explanation of why positive tilt is bad and negative tilt is good here, but it’s only by placing the keyboard at a negative tilt that wrist flexion—and consequent squeezing of the carpal bones that surround the nerves and blood vessels that pass through them—can be neutralized. We’ve never been able to figure out how the computer industry started down this path of tilting keyboards in exactly the opposite direction as is ergonomically correct; the myth has persisted for decades and millions of computer users are still unaware.

The Lenfech Compact Invisible Laptop Keyboard Riser brings its own unique spin to ruining any progress in ergonomic keyboard trays. The riser works by sticking two supports on the bottom of your laptop. Little feet can then pop out of the supports for more positive tilt and even worse ergonomics.

What users need to understand is that these supports stick onto their laptop with glue. They are not removable, so your laptop can never again sit completely level because the supports will stick down more than a quarter of an inch even without the feet popped out.

It will also be critical to get the supports lined up exactly right or the laptop will rock back and forth like a restaurant table. And remember, they are glued on, so you get one shot at it.

In addition to ergonomics, Lenfech also says this riser will improve laptop ventilation by increasing airflow. It fails to take into account that the area where the feet need to be placed is right where vents are found on many laptops.


The Amazon reviews for this riser are suspicious, to say the least (fake reviews on Amazon are an increasing problem we’ve covered extensively before and it’s too common). Almost all of them are in Spanish and there are only two total reviews at three stars or lower. Even if they are suspicious, common complaints from the reviews were the lack of non-slip material on the feet and that the product cost too much ($7.99). Again, these complaints came mostly from reviews with four and five stars, so the whole thing seems fishy.


Haven’t heard of Lenfech? You’re not alone. It is part of Blue Phoenix (Fenix in the company’s URL) Brands, but the Lenfech link on the Blue Phoenix/Fenix Brand website doesn’t go anywhere. It would be safe to assume you won’t be getting a great customer service experience. Although with a $7.99 product you likely weren’t expecting it anyway.

The Takeaway

You surely wouldn’t expect it after reading this brief review, but the Lenfech riser is actually our highest-rated keyboard tilt riser. Yes, that does say a lot about what we think of keyboard tilt risers. No, you still shouldn’t buy it.

The Lenfech riser’s ergonomics are completely wrong and will likely lead to physical damage with extended use, but since all of the keyboard tilt risers we’ve reviewed have this issue, it’s a net zero in the category.

What makes it the “best” option? Chiefly, lack of competition. After all, the Lenfech adheres two supports to the bottom of your laptop, preventing it from ever sitting level again. However, when your competitors cause keyboards to topple over, have a bottom lip that prevents you from using the bottom row of keys, or have to use cartoon hands in images, the journey to the finish line is much easier—even if that finish line is itself behind the start line of real ergonomic keyboard trays.

We highly recommend going to our roundup of ergonomic keyboard trays for a more in-depth discussion on what makes for actual good ergonomics with keyboard trays, as well as the best ergonomic keyboard trays we’ve reviewed.

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