Bild Monitor Arm System Sneak Preview

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Bild Monitor Arm System Sneak Preview

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Bild is a highly customizable monitor arm system from Innovative Office Products, the same people who brought us the Winston with its ingenious hand brake. Looking at Bild’s abilities on paper, we’re inclined to think that their name isn’t just for show. We’re currently awaiting a Bild demo unit to arrive at our testing lab for full review. For now, read on to discover our first impressions on Bild’s features.

The first thing anyone notices about Bild is the sheer amount of monitors the system can support. This monitor arm system can easily scale from supporting a minimum of two monitors to a mind-boggling sixteen or more monitors. Most of us don’t need that many screens, but it does show you how much we mean it when we say this monitor arm is “highly customizable”. What’s more, the same Bild unit can add or remove extenders to increase or decrease the amount of monitors it holds according to what you need.

But the choice doesn’t end there. Bild can be ordered to accommodate monitors ranging from as small as 19 inches to as large as 30 inches. Bild can be mounted through a grommet hole, at the back edge of the desk through the use of a C-clamp, or into a rail system. Additionally, the arm comes with a motorized column option. The motorized option allows you to raise the height of your monitors up to ten inches with the touch of a button.

There are a few other nice features on Bild that we’re looking forward to testing. One is the ability to angle the outer monitors inward on a three- or four-monitor-across configuration. The hinges that enable this functionality can be set to your preferred tension, and the tools used to perform this task fit right into the monitor arm so you don’t have to worry about needing to dig them out of the garage. The monitor mounts are designed to slip off the arm for ease of adjustment, and can even shift a single monitor higher or lower than the other monitors on the arm. Last but not least, Bild includes cable clips that snap into place where you need them. These clips allow you to guide monitor cable along the arm and down the column so you can keep your work space neat and organized.

We’re very excited for this product, and can’t wait to give it a full examination. In the meantime, read our reviews of Ergotron’s LX and LX Sit-Stand monitor arms. And be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can stay up to date on all our new product reviews, expert advice, and blog articles.

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