monitor arm review

Ergotron LX Sit-Stand

Ergotron LX Sit-Stand Monitor Arm Review

The king of the Ergotron monitor arm line, the LX Sit-Stand has a wide range and capacity to give standing desk and treadmill desk users more options.

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humanscale m2.1 monitor mount reviews

Humanscale M2.1 Monitor Arm Review

It's awful pretty. But it's also awful weak. Most monitors sold today would not be able to stay afloat on the Humanscale M2 monitor arm.

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Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm

Humanscale M8.1 Monitor Arm Review

Humanscale's M8 monitor arm offers the same features as the M2 monitor arm, and expands on its capabilities with the ability to support 40 lbs.

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Ergotech 320-Series Adjustable Monitor Arm

Ergotech 320 Series Monitor Arm Review

With good adjustment range at a good price, can this Ergotech 230 series replace the reigning monitor arm champ? Not so fast.

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