Can’t Find a Standing Desk With Drawers? There’s a Reason

August 17, 2020
made in usa stand up desk imovr everest

The one big disadvantage of giving up your old sitting desk for a new height-adjustable standing desk is losing your drawer space. In fact, it’s one reason that so many people go for a standing desk converter instead of swapping out their desk.

Healthy Desk Bamboo Stand Up Desk with Drawers
Standing desks with file drawers do exist, but their useful storage space is limited by the need to let the lifting legs pass through them.

There are several reasons you don’t often see drawers on standing desks. Chiefly, these have to do with the massive weight added by attaching wood drawers to a wooden desktop, the cost of fabrication (and the added shipping weight), and strain that they would place on the linear actuators (the lifting legs). As we explain in great detail in our primer on How much do standing desk lift capacity ratings really matter? the side-load stresses on these legs when lifting an unbalanced desktop can significantly reduce their weight lifting capacity. And worse, shorten their lives by putting too great a strain on the motors.

mobile file pedestal you can also sit on
A mobile file cabinet designed for use with standing desks can also double as an extra seat for an impromptu visitor.

While there are a handful of standing desks with built-in drawers on the market today, such as the HealthyDesks line, they are pricey. Many people find that the because the drawers have to fit around the lifting columns they offer too little usable space to be worth the expense. And, they can be a little goofy looking when raised, just because we’re not used to seeing drawers that high off the ground.

However, several of the popular standing desk makers today offer mobile pedestals, often in matching laminate. These two-drawer file cabinets can fit nicely under the desk, and are usually tall enough to roll over the feet of the desk, as well. Some, like the iMovR Mobile Pedestal, are so sturdy they can even be rolled out as an extra seat for an impromptu guest who stops by your office. And they’re available in the same eleven choices of iMovR’s ultra-durable and ergo-contoured 3D laminated finishes.


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