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Adjustable Stand Up Desk Buying Guide

Adjustable Stand Up Desk Buying Guide

Choosing a standing desk can be daunting these days. With so many options on the market, you might be tempted to go for whichever result you see first.

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Should I Buy a Standing Desk or a Standing Desk Converter?

What to Choose: Standing Desk vs. Sit-Stand Converter?

Our experts break down when it's best to get a standing desk vs. when to attach a standing desk converter to your old desk.

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company paid treadmill desk

How to Get Your Employer to Pay for Your Treadmill Desk

Does your job require you to spend hours hours sitting in a chair? We have ten tips for getting your employer to pay for your treadmill desk workstation.

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boring onference meetings

The Next Revolution in Office Fitness: Sit-Stand Conference Tables

Another new trend dovetailing with the new interest in height-adjustable conference tables is the "daily scrum" meeting.

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UpLift locking under desk drawer a solution for a standing desk with drawers

Best Standing Desk Storage Options

We review all the easy ways to add storage space to a standing desk, from add-on drawers to matching file cabinets, and more.

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All the easiest desks for standing desk assembly

How Difficult Is It to Assemble a Standing Desk?

We break down which standing desks are easiest and most difficult to put together, along with how much time assembly could take.

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treadmill weight loss

Top 5 Tips for Losing Weight Using a Treadmill Desk

If you're trying to lose weight using a treadmill desk, these tips are essential for you to get the most bang for your buck.

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Legal Questions Around Standing Desks

Employers May Soon Be Legally Required to Provide Ergonomic Workstations to Workers

We've seen a recent spate of lawsuits in which very large settlements have been extracted from employers who failed to provide adequate seating.

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imovr captain's standing desk with drawer

Best Standing Desks With Drawers

The one big disadvantage of giving up your old sitting desk for a new height-adjustable standing desk is losing your drawer space.

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Treadmill for Running

The Difference Between Walking Treadmill and Cardio Equipment

A top speed capability of more than 4.0 mph is the first giveaway that a treadmill desk’s base unit was borrowed from an existing running treadmill model.

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How to Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect Your Standing Desk Workstation in the Age of Coronavirus

How to Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect Your Desk in the Age of Coronavirus

Disinfecting is killing bacteria and viruses on a surface. While cleaning is simply removing any visible dirt or matter from a surface.

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Convertible standing desk

Top 9 Factors to Consider When Buying a Convertible Standing Desk

Is it dual-monitor compatible? Ergonomically adjustable? We outline what you need to know to pick a great convertible standing desk.

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Treadmill desk liability issues

What Legal Departments Need to Know About Treadmill Desks

We often hear from employees of large corporations and government agencies that their legal dept put the kibosh on treadmill desks.

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NEAT Certification

What is NEAT Certification and Why Does it Matter for Office Fitness Furniture?

So what is NEAT certification exactly? In a nutshell, it refers to the energy we expend day-to-day through non-cardio-exercise movements.

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Exercise Doesn’t Counteract Effects of Sitting Disease

Korean Study Adds More Evidence That Exercise Doesn’t Counteract Effects of Sitting Disease

The average American office worker’s BMI is far higher than the average Korean subject in this study, and we spend even more hours a day sitting.

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low carb diet treadmill desk

Considering a Low-Carb Diet? This May Be the Ideal Time to Start Using a Treadmill Desk

People on a low-carb diets who find themselves restricted from intensive exercise and use a treadmill desk to keep healthy and toned while they diet.

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Why Standing Desks and Treadmill Desks are Essential for Remote Workers

Why Standing Desks and Treadmill Desks are Essential for Remote Workers

With so many Americans opting to work from home, it is important to ensure they have workspace that is conducive to health and productivity.

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celebrities using treadmill desks

Who Are the Most Famous Treadmill Desk Users?

There are more and more celebrity treadmill desk users, because celebrities, like other successful people, have a hard time fighting sitting disease.

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Office fitness in America

Americans Rank in Bottom 15th Percentile When It Comes to Exercise

With nearly 40,000 fitness clubs in the United Stated, you’d think Americans would be in the top tier of countries measured by how much exercise they get. 

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Is it possible to lose weight using a treadmill desk?

How to Really Lose Weight with a Treadmill Desk

This is a question we get often at WorkWhileWalking, and the answer isn't as straightforward as "walk x miles a day and the pounds will melt right off."

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Section 179 tax deduction on standing desks

Congress Just Raised the Special Tax Deduction for Standing Desk and Treadmill Desk Equipment to $510,000

If you operate a business, or earn your living working from your home office, your acquisition of treadmill desk may be especially tax deductible in 2014.

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Why Every Desk Jockey and Every CEO Needs to Read Dr. James Levine’s New Book ‘Get Up!’

We review Dr. James Levine's new book "Get Up! Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It." See what we thought.

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Telecommuting and Treadmill Desks

Telecommuting and Treadmill Desks – a Perfect Pairing for the War on Sitting Disease

Allowing employees to work from treadmill desks at home will drive improvements in their productivity, their health, and their job satisfaction

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NEAT certification office furniture

Complete Round Up of NEAT-Certified Products

Here you'll find the complete list of products that received the prestigious NEAT certification. NEAT-certified means it was tested at Mayo Clinic. 

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Work While Walking Room at Westin River North

Westin Hotels Pilots In-Room Treadmill Desks

The iMovR treadmill desk in the Westin's Work While Walking room allows guests to work at an advanced height-adjustable desk.

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Corporate Wellness ROI

Why Corporate Wellness Programs Fail to Show a Financial ROI

Despite billions spent on corporate wellness programs, adverse health trends have not reversed, resulting in steep medical costs and decreased productivity.

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How a Treadmill Desk Helped Me Win More Chess Games

Focus is a hard thing to measure. WorkWhileWalking's Ron Wiener conducts his own mini study by examining how a treadmill desk affected his chess game.

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