iMovR 2-Door Solid Wood Credenza Review

September 20, 2022
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imovr credenza solid wood two door


Review Summary

iMovR’s solid wood standing desks are the very pinnacle of luxury active office furniture, and one of the things that makes them so is the accessories that can be combined from “The Lander Solid Wood Collection” to complete an office with matching finishes all around. In addition to solid wood file cabinets, premium drawers and fly decks, iMovR now adds this 2-door credenza. With 10 cubic feet of storage it’s actually the largest piece of matching accessory furniture we’ve seen yet in a standing desk line. Artisan hand-crafted in Michigan the same as their solid wood desks, the credenza is exceptionally well built and comes with the same 5-year warranty.

MSRP / List Price



Shipped fully assembled, by freight (included in price)


5-Year Warranty is the same as on all iMovR Solid Wood components.

Colors Available

The same 38 solid wood finishes offered on iMovR’s Lander Desk lines.


External dimensions: 44″ × 18″ × 35″
Each Shelf (4 included): 19-5/8″ x 15″
Shipping dimensions: 48L x 40W x 45H

Product Weight

Approx. 90 lbs, varying with wood species selected

Typical Assembly Time

100% Factory Preassembled

Competition Compare to Other Top-Rated Standing Desk Storage Options
Where to buy Buy on iMovR


Ease of Assembly
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives While it's easy to find a matching mobile file pedestal for most standing desks these days, and a little hard to find matching ones for your solid wood standing desk, this is the largest storage accessory we've seen yet that fits both categories. Exquisite solid wood construction is of the same method and quality as iMovR's American hand-crafted solid wood desks. Soft-close door hinges. Four internal shelves are easily repositionable. Sensible routing for any power cables you might want to run into the cabinet. Super solid construction, and the same 5-year warranty as the desks.
Negatives With this much solid wood and veneer, it's a pricy item. We'd like to see a lower cost version in 3D-laminate to match all of iMovR's desks that aren't made from solid wood.

Bottom Line

Highly elegant accessory piece to accompany your iMovR solid wood standing desk, the two-door credenza adds 10 cubic feet of flexible storage space to your office. Available in all 38 species+stain combinations that iMovR offers on their standing desks, for a perfect match. Versatile, internal shelving can be adjusted precisely to your needs. The craftsmanship is as good as it gets, made by the same artisan furniture builders that produce iMovR's luxurious solid wood standing desks.
imovr 2-door credenza

The Largest Storage Accessory We’ve Seen Yet For A Standing Desk

Part of iMovR’s marquee Lander Collection of solid wood office furniture, the two-door credenza was created by iMovR’s lead furniture designer, Vincent Leman, to perfectly complement any iMovR solid wood standing desk. It can be ordered in any of their 38 species+stain combinations to match the desk as well as other solid wood accessories that we’ve previously reviewed such as the mobile file pedestal, premium drawer or fly deck. The credenza adds a whopping 10 cubic feet of additional storage.

imovr solid wood credenza
Four movable shelves inside the credenza make it easy to customize the 10 cu. ft. of storage space to your needs.

Same Artisan Construction As The iMovR Solid Wood Desks

iMovR is renowned for making the very best luxury solid wood standing desks in the industry, in an artisan hand-crafted, 7-step process that takes about six weeks to produce. See our review of the Lander Solid Wood Standing Desk for all the info on that process, their sourcing of sustainable domestic species, and more. Like the desktop, the credenza carries a 5-year made-in-USA warranty.

The top of the unit is made entirely of ¾”-thick solid wood, with ergo-contouring identical to the Lander Lite desktops. The sides, doors, and shelves are all veneered over a core of domestic cabinet-grade plywood. A total of four repositionable shelves are provided and there are two cable pass-thru holes in the floor of the cabinet for routing any charger cables, power cables, speaker cables, etc., that you might need to discretely guide out of the cabinet. The doors are mounted on fancy “soft close” hinges; we’ve seen soft-close drawers before but this is the first time we’ve seen this sort of snazzy hinge on cabinet doors. Foot levelers are built in so the cabinet can always lay perfectly level even on uneven floors.

Production Times Match The Desk

When you’re creating a solid wood product of this caliber there’s no way to rush the process. Ideally ordered at the same time as the desk for the ideal match in grain and stain tone, production takes about six weeks in iMovR’s Michigan plant where all their solid wood products are fabricated. The credenza is shipped fully factory pre-assembled, by freight, to your door (included in the price). If ordered together with a Lander or Lander Lite solid wood desk, the Credenza will co-ship.

Bottom Line

If you’ve got the coin to invest in a luxury iMovR solid wood desk, you’re probably inclined to get the matching accessory items to tie the room together beautifully. At a starting price of $3,990 (varies by species) the credenza is not inexpensive, but probably well cheaper than having a solid wood cabinet like this custom made to match your desk.

Unlike iMovR’s solid wood file cabinets, there really isn’t anything to compare the credenza to being offered by competitors. That said, we’d like to see a lower cost version of this in 3D-laminate, to match their most popular desk lines.

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