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Rocker Board Comparison Reviews

Rocker boards are small handy balance boards that are used in physical therapy and balance training. Their half circle base gives them a quite challenging 30-35 degree slant but also limits them to only two planes of instability (back and forth and side to side).

If you wonder how they compare to the standing desk balance boards, note that rocker boards are considerably (almost two times) smaller, have a higher degree slant, and sport a less attractive office-appropriate design.

Rocker Boards For Fitness And Physical Therapy

TheraBand Rocker Board
TheraBand Rocker Board

Price: $55.22 street price, $99.99 list price
Size: 13 1/8″ x 14″
Construction: Molded plastic
Colors: Black

Summary: TheraBand Rocker Board is a lightweight board made of black molded plastic. It was created specifically for stability and balance training. It can be used in just one plane of instability at a time, meaning it will either rock from side to side or back and forth. It features a special tactile surface for a firm grip and proprioceptive feedback during balance exercises, which can be helpful to those who are going through rehabilitation or fitness conditioning.

Users report weight capacity of the board stops at a 300-lb mark. The board comes with an instruction guide that contains over 37 exercises. One buyer noted that the board is too easy to balance on because of an almost flat base.

Boards4Health Rocker Board
Boards4Health Rocker Board

Price: $97.95
Size: 20″
Construction: Wood
Colors: Natural with blue elements

Summary: Molded plastic may be durable but so is wood. Boards4Health Rocker Board comes with a non-slip surface and a smaller base, which means an increased degree of slant. Created to aid in balance coordination, this board has a bigger deck, which may be more accommodating to taller users. It also reportedly supports over 350 lbs.

Just like TheraBand’s, this rocker board is made to be used in one plane of instability at a time, allowing you more control over your movement. Users find it functioning just as expected.

Nutraffect Calf Stretcher Rocker Board
Nutraffect Balance Board

Price: $89.99
Size: 14″ x 15″ x 3.5″ ; 4.2 pounds
Construction: Wood
Colors: Natural with black stripes

Summary: Nutraffect offers a wooden rocker board for stretching and balancing. With a 30-35 degree slant, the board is mainly intended for those recovering from leg injuries and knee replacements.

Similarly to Boards4Health, this rocker board features black grip strips on its top surface, resulting in a rather simple but attractive design.

OPTP Wooden Uniplane Rocker
OPTP Wooden Uniplane Rocker

Price: $68.95
Size: 15″ L x 13.5″ W x 3.5″ H
Construction: Wood
Colors: Natural with black stripes

Summary: Interestingly, OPTP’s Wooden Uniplane Rocker looks identical to the Nutraffect’s Calf Stretcher, and costs 20 dollars cheaper. It has a maximum slant angle of 34 degrees and the weight capacity of 400 pounds.

CanDo Rocker Board
Cando Rocker Board

Price: $32.50
Size: 15″ L x 18″ W x 2″, 2.5″, and 3.5″ H
Construction: Lightweight plastic
Colors: Blue

Summary: Unlike all other boards, Cado’s Rocker Board comes with a base made of two legs in a half ball shape. The 15 x 18 inch deck is intended for intermediate users who want to improve ankle range of motion, balance, and joint mobility.

One buyer warns against using this particular rocker board on a smooth floor. We’re guessing that like with any unstable surface, safety and slipping risk might be an issue. It is generally a good practice to first test the board on your floor surface while holding onto something sturdy.

Fitter First 20″ Rocker Board
Fitter First 20 Rocker Board

Price: $109.95
Size: 20″ deck with 14″ base
Construction: Wood
Colors: Natural
Warranty: 30-Day unconditional warranty

Summary: Fitter First is one of the major players on the market of wooden rocker boards and wobble boards. This 20-inch rocker is intended for beginners who seek basic balance training. It has 2 round adjustable disks attached to the bottom; you can remove one to make it more challenging to maintain balance.

The brand has also released an Active Office Board for standing desk.

Chango Balance Board
Chango Rocker and Wobble Board

Price: $83.99
Size: 16″; max weight 500 lbs
Construction: Wood
Colors: Natural

Summary: Chango R4 Balance Board is actually a combination of a rocker and wobble board. Shaped as a classic wobble board, it can be used as both a rocker board (with two-2” rocker balls of 3” and 4” heights) and as a wobble board with an inflatable cushion. When used as a wobble board, it comes with two angles of slant 14” and 20”. Having a weight limit of 500 lbs, it seems like a good find for heavier indivuals.

Rocker Boards for Office Use

To learn more about wobble boards for standing desks, check out our round-up of Balance Board reviews. If you are looking for more cheaper balance board alternatives read our Balance Trainer Reviews, and don’t forget to explore Standing Desk Mats and Contoured Terrain Standing Mats. And sign up for our newsletter if you want to receive more office fitness product reviews.

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