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Launch of Website

Official Press Release on PRWeb Launches as First Website Solely Dedicated to Fostering the Treadmill Desk Industry

Contains advice for users on ergonomics and best practices, unbiased product reviews, tips on building their own treadmill desk, expert blog and user forums.

April 24, 2013 – Seattle, WA – launched today as the first website to gather in one place all the information prospective treadmill desk users – as well as existing users – can use to achieve the greatest health benefit and productivity gains from the activity. The site is the first to provide professional, unbiased reviews of all the integrated treadmill desks, treadmill bases, standalone height-adjustable desks and various accessories specific to the treadmill desking application.

“Until now there has never been a central community hub for users to learn about how to set up and use a treadmill desk properly, choose the best commercially-built equipment or build a stable and reliable treadmill desk of their own, or for sharing useful information with other treadmill desk users,” says Ron Wiener, Editor-in-Chief.

“The difficulty in finding unbiased, scientifically-accurate information on the web has probably kept a lot of people from jumping in and participating,” he adds as his rationale for founding WorkWhileWalking. An eight-time serial tech entrepreneur who was centrally featured on the Startup Junkies TV show, Wiener, now 48 years old, has become such an advocate of treadmill desking that every employee with his last company was offered one for their office or for their department to share.

In the works for the past year,’s editorial staff has compiled detailed performance analysis of treadmill desks and components from companies including Steelcase, LifeSpan Fitness, Signature, TreadDesk, Exerpeutic, Woodway, GeekDesk, VersaTable, ModTable, and TrekDesk, among others. The staff collated input from hundreds of active treadmill desk users in creating a complete picture of each product’s effectiveness and bottom-line value. WorkWhileWalking’s editorial staff includes technology and medical experts as well as veteran treadmill industry engineers.

Individuals who want to keep tabs on the booming trend of trading desk-sitting for desk-walking may register for a free membership and receive monthly newsletters with industry news, new product evaluations, tips on how to get the most out of their treadmill desks while avoiding injury from overuse or improper ergonomics, best of the Blog, and much more.


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