iMovR Tech Dock Review

November 10, 2022
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iMovR Tech Dock standing desk storage
The Tech Dock hides your laptop under the desk to recover desktop real estate.


Review Summary

iMovR’s Tech Dock is an innovative solution both to standing desk storage and limited desk space. Its high quality construction and design allow you to easily access a laptop, tablet, or other device while also allowing you to easily access that device when needed. You may need to add an adapter to install around the crossbar on some standing desk models, but it is an ideal solution for helping to keep your desktop clean and clutter free.

MSRP / List Price $99

Free to the lower 48 states


15 years


Aluminum frame with rubber-coated grip and convenient cable access

Adjustment Range

Max Height of Devices – 3.4″
Rotational Range – 360 degrees
Glide Track – 17.6″ (mounting the glide track is optional)

Weight Capacity

20 lbs


15″ wide x 12″–17″ deep with sliding extension
Glide Track: 17.6″

Competition Compare to Other Top-Rated Standing Desk Storage Options
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Ease of Assembly
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives The Tech Dock is a simple way to add easy storage for your laptop, tablet, or other device. Even while they are stowed away in the dock, they can easily plug into your monitors for convenient use. Another way to look at it is as a real estate extender for your desktop. Solid construction with a long warranty and easy-to-follow installation instructions.
Negatives This isn't really a negative, but more of a pro tip. Like most accessories that get mounted under a standing desk, you may find the crossbar between the lifting columns interfering with the installation of theTech Dock. iMovR offers an inexpensive adapter kit for getting around the crossbar, the same one used for some of their keyboard trays, and it does the trick.

Bottom Line

If you need a storage place for a laptop or other device on your standing desk that can also allow those electronics to be easily accessed when needed, the Tech Dock is the ideal solution.

iMovR Tech Dock Review

imovr tech_dock with laptop stored
⁣The iMovR Tech Dock provides a simple place to store your laptop or other device when not in use, or when connected to your desk monitors.

This simple but innovative standing desk accessory offers quick and compact storage for laptops, tablets, and other devices up to 20 lbs. just below your desktop. Mounted to a glide track that lets you easily slide your devices out from under the desk when you need to access them, and with its 360-degrees of rotation, using a Tech Dock is one way to make your standup desk workstation more compact and space efficient, while reducing desktop clutter.  

Free Your Desk Space

As more of us are working from home these days, space has become a limiting factor for many workstations. Monitor arms and keyboard trays are an excellent start at clearing up desk space, but iMovR decided to take it a step further. The Tech Dock takes an unusual approach to provide compact storage for a wide range of devices close at hand while you work.

The designers wanted users to have several options for its use. Obviously, if you just need a place to put your extra laptop or tablet while you work, it is a convenient location to set them while keeping your desk clear.

imovr tech_dock close up storing electronics
⁣Using the Tech Dock allows you to keep more room on your desktop open.

However, if you work from your laptop but also use separate larger monitors and wireless keyboard/mouse, it is great for hiding your laptop entirely while it is still in use. Simply change your power settings to display while closed (PC) or plug into a power source and use while closed (Mac).

Workspace Extension When You Need It

The iMovR Tech Dock can also function as an extension of desktop real estate. You can have your laptop or tablet open and running on the 15”-wide and 12” to 17”-deep surface when you need it, or slide it out of the way on its 17.6” glide track. You can optimize the positioning of your laptop or tablet even more with the Tech Dock’s 360-degree pivoting ability.

This is a great feature for artists, architects, engineers, or students who require an ample amount of desktop space without losing basic computing functionality. 

This can also work for gamers that need to have a separate computer running programs they need to see but not on their gaming screen. Speaking of gamers, a “cool feature” of the Tech Dock for high-performance laptops that run really hot, is that you can mount 100mm cooling fans underneath for additional heat dissipation.

Solid Construction – Warranty Backed

imovr techdock_retracted_expanded
⁣The iMovR Tech dock can adjust from 12″–17″ deep with the sliding extension.

One of the biggest concerns when we look at any standing desk accessory is the quality of the construction, which not only reflects how long the product will last, but how stable it will be on a desk that regularly moves from sitting to standing positions. Anything that is mounted underneath the desk needs to secure firmly to the desk while not putting so much strain on it that the desktop itself gets worn.

Like all of iMovR’s products, the Tech Dock is designed and manufactured to last for many years, constructed of sturdy aluminum and with plenty of mounting holes for a secure attachment to your up-down desk. iMovR backs this product with a 15-year warranty and its universal 100-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Optional Adapter Kit for the Tech Dock

iMovR also offers an adapter kit to fit almost any kind of standing desk setup. Crossbars on standing desks are common to help strengthen their stability, but this often gets in the way of installing accessories like the Tech Dock. The same Adapter Kit that iMovR sells for mounting keyboard trays when there’s a crossbar interfering with its movement path can be used with the Tech Dock, acting as sort of an “inverted highway overpass” to get around the crossbar.


In its usual style, iMovR includes detailed installation instructions for the Tech Dock, but also a well-produced video showing you exactly how it’s done:


The Tech Dock is one of those practical solutions that can help you get more “virtual real estate” from your standing desk. It straddles a bridge between storage solution and workspace extension that not many standing desk accessories provide. However, if you are looking for something else, like under-desk drawers, file cabinets, monitor risers and other accessories for creating more storage, be sure to check out our comprehensive list of storage solutions for stand-up desks that we have reviewed.

imovr tech dock specs

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