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Corporate Solutions


WorkWhileWalking isn’t only the best resource for information about treadmill desk and standing desk solutions. Our team of experts is also on hand to offer corporate, government, and educational institutions comprehensive assistance in selecting the right equipment for their organization, and product advice is just the beginning. Institutions hoping to make strides toward a comprehensive corporate wellness program should look no further. Read more below about the many ways we can help you with your mission.

Individual and Departmental Sales

Need more than one treadmill desk workstation? Our Corporate Solutions group can work with you to determine your equipment needs and get you the best pricing available. We can also help you navigate negotiations with your HR, legal, and facilities departments, and smooth your path to a healthier and more productive work environment. To get started call our Corporate Solutions Department at (888) 959-0025 ext. 3 or email our partners at [email protected].

Financing Options

If you’re interested in installing a fully-outfitted walking workstation (or several) but don’t have the capital expenditures budget for it, consider shifting over to low monthly payments by taking advantage of our leasing program.  Businesses of all sizes can benefit from this option, and while other leasing companies may not be able to handle the category, we deal with this equipment category all day, every day, and can structure highly competitive financing options for you. Click here for leasing information.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Treadmill desks are only just beginning to find their feet in most corporate wellness programs.  Truly massive companies may have procedures in place, but for smaller organizations, process may not have entirely caught up to progress.  Standards for approval of treadmill desk procurement and use may be non-existent, or based primarily on budget availability with little consideration for appropriate product selection, maintenance or ergonomic safety issues. Our Corporate Wellness Solutions Specialists can help your company set rational standards and combine purchasing power to lower costs and improve ROI on this equipment. But that’s just the beginning… read more.


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