Lifespan Fitness Club Membership Review

June 12, 2015

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Lifespan Fitness Club Membership


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Designed primarily around cardio exercise using Lifespan Fitness’ other products, the accommodation for treadmill desk users seems to have been shoehorned in. The features of the software can nowadays be found in free smartphone apps. Integration with the Lifespan TR800, TR1200 and TR5000 treadmills is through a very flaky Bluetooth link that is so frustrating to use, most users report having given up on the idea after the first few times their data was completely lost.


Customer Experience
Suitability for Treadmill Desking
Positives This software is helpful if you'd like to document your progress on their treadmill desk, especially if you want something official looking to show your boss or peers. The bonus is that there's 100x more functionality built in for all the exercise activities in your life. An immense amount of information is available through the member homepage. Also has compatibility with other systems through USB, Bluetooth, and manual entry.
Negatives If you weren't getting the software for free with the purchase of any piece of LifeSpan equipment would you still spring $69.99 a year when capable smartphone apps are available for free? This software is very yesteryear, and not nearly as advanced as very popular - and FREE - apps you can download to your phone.

Bottom Line

This was a big deal when it was introduced, but today you can get a lot more functionality for free using downloadable apps on your smartphone, and the cloud-based software that comes with wearable devices. As for tracking treadmill desk usage, this app wasn't really designed well for it, and the flaky Bluetooth link on Lifespan's office treadmills is so frustrating to use that users quickly give up on the idea. Newer treadmills like the iMovR ThermoTread GT were designed from the ground up to be true internet appliances, and will do a better job of tracking your walking performance, as well as your standing and sitting time.


There are two different areas that you can track: health and exercise.

Some of the many aspects of your health that you can track are:

Resting Heart Rate
Blood Pressure Levels
Body Mass Index
Body Fat Cholesterol

Lifespan FitnessClub Membership Health Metrics

Your exercise tracking software can keep tabs on:

Minutes Exercised
Steps Taken
Distance Traveled
Calories Burned

The tracking software’s capabilities are truly incredible, and we fully recommend utilizing these features to their complete potential. If you love keeping track of all your details, this software is right down your alley because it does all of that for you. As you can see above, the software formulates nifty charts and graphs for you. As much as we all love Excel, sometimes it’s nice to have things done for us.


LifeSpan Fitness Club Workout CalendarWith this software, you have the ability to plan out specific workouts in a workout calendar. You can separate types of workouts into strength, cardio, and flexibility. In fact, you even have the ability to schedule one, two, or all three types of workouts into a single day, thus providing optimal customization.

There are many instructional workout videos to help you do your workouts correctly. They range from proper stretching, how to warm up and cool down, and how to perform specific workouts for target muscle groups. Everything you need to get the perfect workout in!

Monitoring Progress

Lifespan Fitness Club Exercise TrackingAlso included in the software is the ability to make detailed checks on your progress. Not only is there a plethora of information that the software takes from its tracking software, but it also has the ability to compare your results from year to year, in order to see how your progress has been in the long run.

Long term goal tracking is what every consumer longs for in a workout program. It’s so much more gratifying to see on the screen how much weight you’ve lost than just doing the workouts and hoping there’s been a change.

Creating Teams

Lifespan Fitness Team ResultsThe feature that allows you to create teams in perhaps one of the most useful aspects of the software. The competitive instinct that drives us all encourages us to keep up with our daily routines and to maintain a disciplined training regimen, all while competing with your friends and coworkers.


LifeSpan Fitness – Standalone Treadmill Bases Price
TR800-DT3 Treadmill Base $799
TR1200-DT3 Treadmill Base $999
TR5000-DT3 Treadmill Base $1,499

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