Balance Boards & Rocker Boards

Bintiva-Balance-Disc black

Top Balance Trainer Reviews

Balance trainers are a good way to improve your balance and stability, if you are looking to take on extreme sports like skateboarding or snowboarding or if you have an interest in surfing and dancing, but can they really replace sturdy, office balance boards?

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Nutraffect Balance Board

Top Rocker Board Reviews

Rocker boards are widely used in fitness and physical therapy. They come in smaller sizes than the office balance boards and provide a greater level of instability, making for great tools of physical therapy and fitness conditioning. If you want to add more challenge to your work…

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Wurf Board line up

JumpSport’s Wurf Board Review

A crossover between a balance trainer and an anti-fatigue mat, the heavily marketed Wurf Board is becoming quite popular. We've tested it in our labs and found that it better surfs (sic) as an active standing solution rather than comfortable cushioning.

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Fluidstance Plane with a speckled top deck

FluidStance’s The Plane Balance Board Review

Just like the other products in the brand’s collection, The Plane comes with an arching base that allows the board to pivot, lending it omnidirectional movement. Built with a slightly smaller deck, it is marketed as a ‘similar ride in a tighter eco-friendly package’.

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Plastic Steppie balance board

Steppie Balance Board Review

Built to give a user more control over their movement, Steppie gently rocks from side to side, without twisting around its axis or creating a high degree of instability unlike standard balance boards. For young and active advanced balance board users, it might be too easy or 'bor…

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Uplift Desk E7 Motion Board Review

Uplift is bringing more standing solutions to the market. This time it's not a desk or a converter, but a standing desk balance board with a cushioned surface. E7 Motion Board is not like other standing desk balance boards. It is square and comes with a faux leather cushion.

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Whirly Board Review

after only a day or two of use, the appeal of the Whirly Board became clear. It provides a lot of lower body movement without actually inhibiting one’s ability to work at a standing desk—it was surprisingly easy to stay balanced on.

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The Level Balance Board

Top Balance Board Reviews

Looking for a balance board that can provide enough stability to work at your standing desk? We've reviewed the top office products available in this relatively new product category. Improving on the design of balance trainers and physical therapy tools, these wobble boards are b…

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FluidStance The Level Balance Board Review

From what we have seen of the board so far, it seems like it is a solid investment for those who want to bring style into their working space. The board’s hardwood floor finish and die-cast aluminum frame leave a profound impression on the users.

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Adjustable standing platform from Fitterfirst

Fitterfirst Active Office Balance Board Review

Made exclusively with the Canadian-sourced wood, the board features four adjustable non-marking foam legs that allow variety in movement as well as lend you some cushioning while standing. Velcro strips hold the square pads in place.

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Pono Ola ‘Pono Board’ Review

Thanks to inflatable ball legs, the board has some degree of adjustability, meaning you can regulate the level of instability, depending on the activity. Pressure in the balls can be adjusted with a complementary pump, but must not exceed 15 lbs psi.

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Vew-Do Zone Stand Up Desk Balance Board in Chocolate

Vew-Do Zone Fitness Stand Up Desk Balance Board Review

Vew-Do Zone Fitness Standup Balance Board is a versatile platform that can be used as a rocker board as well as a wobble board and roller board. Related closely to the first ever balancing board - the Bongo Board - it is designed to be used in both office and gym. It is one of t…

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BackApp 360 ergonomic balance board in Light Grey

BackApp 360 Balance Board Review

The BackApp 360's adjustable design has set a new benchmark in the world of balance boards. Particularly if you've had issues with the difficulty level of boards in the past, or feel like you will want to have more or less tilt depending on the work you're doing, the BackApp coul…

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Indo standing desk balance board art

Indo Standing Desk Balance Board Review

Indo Board is one of the veteran players in the balance board space. Developed back in the 70’s, Indo Board hit the market twenty or so years later, and is now offered not only to recreational athletes but also to professionals who could use some movement at their standing desks.…

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Gaiam Evolve Balance Board

Gaiam Evolve Balance Board Review

As we look at Gaiam’s Evolve Balance Board, we are both interested and cautious. A well-known lifestyle brand that has not been diligent in bringing the best quality to their customers, with enough users reporting about their Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs quite literally falling apar…

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Grey rocker board for standing desk

Gymba Board Review

Gymba is an intriguing little balance board that came to our attention as soon as we plunged into the exciting world of active standing. Aside from its atypical size and shape, it comes with a ridged surface, carpeted backing, and an ISPO 2017 Award to boot

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Man standing on FluidStance The Original, balance board for standing desk

How to Choose a Balance Board for Your Standing Desk

With the abundance of choice on the market, which would be the best balance board for a standing desk? Here we discuss how different balance boards compare in terms of size, price, and difficulty as well as provide you with the factors you want to consider before making a choice.…

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Indo Board DIY balance board

How to Build a DIY Balance Board

Don't want to spend money on the balance board that is too easy or restricting? Here is a thought: Why not build one yourself and find out through experimentation what specs and features to look for in a commercial product? You don't have to have woodworking skills if you have an…

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