Balance Board For Standing Desk

Balance board for standing desk
A balance board is an unstable platform that consists of a typically rounded base and a deck similar to that of a skateboard or a snowboard. It allows balancing movement on different planes of motion and is most often used for balance training. There are a few types of balance boards. Rockers are single direction boards that move side to side, while wobble boards allow for 360 omnidirectional motion. Roller boards are the most extreme versions of balance boards, which require a high skill level to use.
Skill Board

Skill Board Balance Board Review

While the Skill Board is aimed at those who want to exercise, this is essentially a more extreme balance board. Does it work at a standing desk?

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The Level Balance Board

Top Balance Board Reviews

We reviewed all the popular balance boards on the market to find the best standing desk balance board in terms of quality, functionality and price.

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Bintiva-Balance-Disc black

Top Balance Trainer Reviews

We've rounded up the top balance trainers on the market to give you an idea of what is commercially available at the moment. 

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Nutraffect Balance Board

Top Rocker Board Reviews

Here is our overview of the top rocker boards on the market. Designed for fitness and physical therapy, these little guys gave way to office balance boards.

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Wurf Board line up

JumpSport’s Wurf Board Review

The Wurf Board is a fun, inflatable standing desk wobble board with an eye-catching design from the trampoline manufacturer JumpSport.

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FluidStance Plane Cloud

FluidStance’s The Plane Cloud Balance Board Review

Read our review of the FluidStance Plane Cloud Balance Board. Does it get any better than this? A more affordable design in a tighter eco-conscious package.

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Plastic Steppie balance board

Steppie Balance Board Review

WorkWhileWalking's review of Steppie Balance Board - one of the first in its category, created as a balance solution to 'sedentarism.'

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Uplift Desk E7 Motion Board Review

The UpLift E7 Motion Board is not like other standing desk balance boards. It is square and comes with a faux leather cushion.

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Whirly Board Review

The Whirly Board provides movement without inhibiting your ability to work at an adjustable height desk—it was surprisingly easy to stay balanced.

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FluidStance The Level Balance Board Review

FluidStance The Level is the coolest-looking balance board you’ll ever own. It’ll look just as stylish leaned against the wall as resting under your feet.

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Adjustable standing platform from Fitterfirst

Fitterfirst Active Office Balance Board Review

The FitterFirst Active Office Board is a real find for those looking for an alternative to the FluidStance models and has three levels of difficulty.

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Pono Ola ‘Pono Board’ Review

The Pono Ola Board is the most stable balance board we've ever tested. If you have very poor balance, this is the safest board you’ll find on the market.

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Vew-Do Zone Stand Up Desk Balance Board in Chocolate

Vew-Do Zone Fitness Stand Up Desk Balance Board Review

The Vew-Do is a close runner-up to the FluidStance decks. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper option you could take with you to the gym, this is it.

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BackApp 360 ergonomic balance board in Light Grey

BackApp 360 Balance Board Review

WorkWhileWalking's review of the new BackApp 360, an ergonomic balance board that sets a new benchmark for healthy standing at work.

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Indo standing desk balance board art

Indo Standing Desk Balance Board Review

WorkWhileWalking's review of Indo Standing Desk Balance Board that came straight out of the shop of original balance trainers.

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Gaiam Evolve Balance Board

Gaiam Evolve Balance Board Review

We review Gaiam's Evolve Balance Board that has quite a few intriguing features. Shaped similarly to FluidStance's The Level, is it really built to last?

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Grey rocker board for standing desk

Gymba Board Review

WWW is reviewing an award-winning Gymba Board, a rocker board for standing desks. Smallest of them all, it offers plenty of benefits. 

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Man standing on FluidStance The Original, balance board for standing desk

How to Choose a Standing Desk Balance Board

Are standing desk balance boards good for you? Should you stand on one all day? We cover all of your standing desk balance board questions.

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Indo Board DIY balance board

How to Build a DIY Balance Board

DIY balance board project is a nice way to get a trial run of the new device and find out what to look for in a commercial product.

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Balance board promo code

Balance Board Promo Codes

Buying a balance for your standing desk? Check our list to see if there's a promo code to save you money before your make your purchase.

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