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September 26, 2022

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Sit-Stand Tables for Stand-Up Meetings

The negative health effects of sitting are clear. More and more offices are giving employees the option to work while standing or walking, leading not only to healthier work days but increased productivity as well. And while individual standing desks and standing desk converters may have led the charge, sit-to-stand and standing height conference tables are following suit. Standing meetings are in.

Confluence Adjustable Height Table
Standing tables are best paired with a set of ergonomic stools.

Aside from the health and productivity benefits associated with standing, another commonly cited reason for switching to standing meetings is that they’re quicker. Employees frequently complain about long or unproductive meetings, and standing helps people stay on task so everyone can get back to work sooner. The “scrum” meeting, which is popular in tech companies, is gaining widespread corporate acceptance. By definition, scrum meetings last no more than 15 minutes and are best conducted standing. From a logistical standpoint, height adjustable conference tables make the most sense so that organizations can conduct both longer sitting and shorter standing meetings in the same space.

Unparalleled Convenience for the Home

When new technology is developed, it can be hard to foresee all the use-cases that eventually become standard (could anyone in 2007, when the first iPhone became available to consumers, have predicted the popularity of the selfie stick?) Adjustable height conference tables are quickly finding their way into the home, too. These large multi-purpose tables provide a ton of added functionality for everyday use—now you can use the same table for eating, entertaining, gift wrapping, board games and more. Plus, if you’ve got a small studio, the ability to work (or eat, or quaff cocktails) at different heights throughout the day helps you to get the most out of your space, so you can have one do-it-all table rather than several smaller surfaces.

What to look for in an emerging market

All that being said, the market is still new for this type of product, and customers are still deciding what to look for in sit-to-stand tables. We’ve assembled this comparison review with all this in mind to help you not only get the most bang for your buck by comparing key specs like tabletop size, but also to provide some guidance as to which standing height conference tables best suit which type of buyer. High weight capacity and electric height adjustment are features everyone can appreciate, but some customers may be more drawn towards a niche product, such as the Focal Upright Confluence, which features a more limited standing-height-only range and a manual crank for small height adjustments.

1. iMovR Synapse Adjustable-Height Table

Experts’ Rating: 5-Stars

Price Range: $1,439 – $2,349

Size Range: 30″ x 72″ – 42″ x 96″

Height Range: 25″ – 51″

Lift Capacity: 490 lbs

Pros: The best all-around adjustable height meeting table available, iMovR’s Synapse Table features a height adjust range of 25” to 51” with a sturdy automatic base. Its 3D laminated surface looks good in office or home environments, and you can choose between four different shapes, nine different sizes and 16 different colors to best suit your space. A flush mounted power module, available in the Conference model, lets users stay charged at longer meetings with a generous four AC plugs and four USB ports. It’s the same high quality we’ve come to expect from iMovR’s sturdy height adjustable desks, but in larger conference table form. Synapse is the first and so far only standing meeting table to get the coveted NEAT™ Certification from the Mayo Clinic.

Cons: As with all electric sit-stand bases, the legs might not suit a more traditional décor.

Price: $1,439

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2. Focal Upright Confluence Adjustable-Height Conference Table

Experts’ Rating: 4-Stars

Price Range: $2,999 – $3,175

Size Range: 78″ x 34″ or 94″ x 36

Height Range: 36″ – 48″

Lift Capacity: 300 lbs.

Pros: A sleek, modern design makes this conference table a real looker. All-around footrest bar is perfect for pairing the table with active leaning stools. Manual crank adjusts quickly at one turn per inch.

Cons: This is a niche table designed to be used in conjunction with Focal Upright’s ergonomic stools. Its 36” minimum height is way too high for seated users—it’s more of a “lean or stand” table. Additionally, it features an awkwardly located manual crank rather than an electric lift mechanism, which may add another small obstacle to conducting quick standing meetings.

Price: $ 2,999

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3. RightAngle’s NewHeights Elegante XT Conference Table

Experts’ Rating: 4-Stars

Price Range: $1,549 – $3,499

Size Range: 36″ x 60″ – 54″ x 120″ (varies by shape)

Height Range: 24″ – 48″

Lift Capacity: 162.5 lbs per column (available in two or four-legged configurations)

Pros: Wide range of sizes and styles available and a height adjustment range of 24” to 48”, the Elegante XT Conference Table has options for everyone. We like the power offered in the larger four-legged sizes, with additional lift capacity to support sizes all the way up to 54” x 120”.

Cons: A knee-knocking crossbar may annoy taller users while sitting. Slightly lower stats than the iMovR Synapse for max height and adjustment speed. No warranty on the tabletop.

Price: From $ 3,096

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Stay Tuned

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