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best standing desks

The Top-Rated Standing Desks

By far the most populous category of sit-to-stand products, electric standing desks are powered by precision, linear motor drives and easily change in height with the press of a button.

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imovr captain's desk review

Best Standing Desks With Drawers

The one big disadvantage of giving up your old sitting desk for a new height-adjustable standing desk is losing your drawer space.

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Corner Standing Desk Reviews

Best Corner Standing Desks

When standing desks first started appearing online en masse, they were pretty much all rectangular affairs. Nowadays, that has all changed.

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the top-rated executive standing desks reviewed

Top-Rated Executive Standing Desks

This reviews round-up is dedicated just to the creme of the crop, the very best executive standing desks that exist in the market today. 

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Corner and L-Shaped Standing Desk Reviews

Corner and L-Shaped Standing Desks

While all corner desks and L-desks will fit into a corner, there are significant differences between the two.

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Best L shaped Standing desk reviews L desks for sale

The Best L-Shaped Standing Desks

L-shaped standing desk options are finally starting to catch up to their rectangular brethren in terms of offerings in the market.

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imovr lander lite work from home standing desk

The Best Made-in-USA Standing Desks

When it comes to standing desks and standing desk converters, nothing beats made-in-America for component quality and overall value.

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James+James Solid Wood L-Shaped Standing Desk Review

This L-shaped standing desk has a solid wood desktop made of distressed Knotty Alder Hardwood and has a reclaimed look.

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Best Solid Wood Standing Desks Reviews

The Best Solid Wood Standing Desks

What exactly should you expect when you're buying a "real wood" desktop? We're here to help you sort through the options.

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The Best Quick Install Standing Desks

Need a standing desk FAST? Our experts break down the best quick-install standing desks on the market ranked by assembly time.

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UpLift L-Shaped Standing Desk Review

UpLift offers three lines of L-desks and all are built atop the Jiecang base, making it an economical choice for less expensive desktops.

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ZipDesk best compact standing desk

Best Compact Standing Desk Reviews

While 95% of standing desks sold are 30 inches deep there are times when that's just too big for your available space.

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uplift curved corner l-shaped standing desk review

UpLift Curved Corner L-Shaped Sit-Stand Desk Review

If this unique shape sings to you, and works in your available office space, the UpLift Curved Corner is worth your consideration.

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Jarvis Standing L-Desk Review

Fully is one of the few online sellers in the standing L-Desk game, but how does the Jarvis L-Desk stack up with the competitors?

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Migratory standing desk

Best Migratory Standing Desks

What makes a good migratory standing desk? It mostly comes down to assembly and disassembly, but personalization also comes into play.

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StandUpDeskStore Corner Standing Desk

Stand Up Desk Store Corner Standing Desk Review

The Stand Up Desk Store Corner Standing Desk is held back by very limited options. It comes in only one size and color for the frame and base.

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Best QuickShip Standing Desks

When it comes to a standing desk, you can get it fast, cheap or good—pick any two. We break down your best options if you need a desk ASAP.

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autonomous standing l-desk review

Autonomous SmartDesk Corner Review

Extremely laborious assembly process that Autonomous spins as "easy". No less than 84 bolts screws and washers are needed for the Autonomous L-Shaped desk.

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Eureka E-60 L-Shaped Standing Desk Review

Eureka Ergonomic E-60 L-Shaped Standing Desk Review

If this 60" x 42" L-desk is the right size for you, and you don't mind that it only comes in white, the Eureka E-60 looks to be a great desk for the money.

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mod-e pro electric l-shaped desk

MultiTable Mod-E Pro Electric L-Shaped Standing Desk Review

A slap-dash entry to fill out Multitable's line of Asian-made standing desks, the Mod-E Pro L-Desk is as minimal an offering as you can find.

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Lander U-shaped standing desk iMovR reviews

U-Shaped Standing Desks

If you have the space and budget, why not go with the ultimate desk? And in most ways, a U-shaped standing desk is the ultimate desk.

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updesk pro squared up commercial grade electric corner standing desk review

UPDESK Pro SquaredUp Corner Standing Desk Review

We're completely puzzled as to the choice of using a very costly three-legged, premium base to support a small and simple desktop with the UpDesk Pro.

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Birch standing desk imovr captains desk

Best Birch Standing Desks and Converters

Everything you need to in order to pick the best birch standing desk, including quality grades and why Baltic birch is the superior option.

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sit stand l-desk reviews

iMovR Lander L-Shaped Standing Desk Review

iMovR's Lander is already the very pinnacle of state-of-the-art in standing desks. Now this new Lander L-shaped standing desk has redefined the category

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Best Reclaimed-Wood Standing Desks Reviews

Best Reclaimed-Wood Standing Desks

Not all reclaimed wood standing desk tops are created equal. There’s “reclaimed wood” and there’s “authentic reclaimed wood.”

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iMovR Energize and Cascade Corner Standing Desks Review

iMovR Energize and Cascade Corner Standing Desks Review

Stable enough to be used with walking treadmills, these two-legged desks offer exceptional ergonomics, decor options, and cost effectiveness. 

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Best Stand Up Desks Under $400 Standing desk reviews Ikea bekant Autonomous SmartDesk 2

The Best Standing Desks Under $400

There are many budget standing desk options, but lab testing is essential since quality can vary wildly at lower price points.

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FlexiSpot E4L L-Shaped Standing Desk with laptop and computer with plants on the desk as well

FlexiSpot E4L L-Shaped Standing Desk Review

The FlexiSpot L-Shaped standing desk starts at $959.99, comes in one size, has a weight capacity of 330 pounds and comes with a bamboo top.

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Best Sit-Stand Desks Under $800 reviews

The Best Sit-Stand Desks Under $800

If you’re looking to get into a sit-stand desk on a budget, the good news is there are many options on the market to choose from.

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standing desk for gaming

Why Your Gaming Desk Should be a Standing Desk

Burning calories and preventing disease are just some of the benefits of standing. Learn what to look for in a standing gaming desk.

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