sitting disease

WFH working from a kitchen table

What Employers Urgently Need to Know About Kitchen Table Ergonomics

With millions of desk workers ordered to work from home for months, through the end of the year, or even permanently, employers need to consider the fact that liability for ergonomic injuries has now pierced the veil of the corporate campus.

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Effects of sitting disease

Negative Health Effects of Sitting Disease – Beyond Weight Gain

In 2012 alone, 1,300 peer-reviewed studies were published linking sedentariness with heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other negative health effects. Most sufferers of sitting disease also have poor ergonomic setups when they are at their computers.

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stand up desk or treadmill desk

Stand Up Desk or Walking Desk—Which is Healthier for You?

One of the most common questions we get at WorkWhileWalking is “How much better is it to use a treadmill desk than just using a standing desk?” Both standing desks and walking desks are enjoying an explosion in popularity, especially in corporate America and SOHO (small office…

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Legal Questions Around Standing Desks

Employers May Soon Be Legally Required to Provide Ergonomic Workstations to Workers

There has recently been a spate of lawsuits in which very large settlements have been extracted from employers who failed to provide adequate seating, and many more such suits are now working their way through class action courts. Walmart settled such a suit brought under Califor…

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Does Standing at Work Lead to More Sitting at Home?

A simple tool to help prevent standing pains is with an anti-fatigue standing mat. These mats keep the muscles in your feet and legs engaged, preventing them from becoming stiff. A separate study of anti-fatigue mat performance by Texas A&M found that standing on a quality anti f…

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Obesity and Diabetes in the US

Is a Sedentary Desk Job the Most Dangerous Job in the World?

We know that “sitting disease” leads to metabolic syndrome and diabetes. And we also know, based on numerous scientific research studies, that sitting disease leads to an increased risk of cancer.

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NEAT Certification

What is NEAT Certification and Why Does it Matter for Office Fitness Furniture?

NEAT certification has an impressive body of research behind it. It regulates manufacturers’ claims and offers the consumer and the employer valuable insight into the proven versus marketed benefits of any given product. Each time the NEAT trademark appears on product packaging, …

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New Infographic Shows The Trouble with Sitting – and Standing

New Infographic Shows The Trouble with Sitting – and Standing

You need only glance at your Facebook feed or your local newspaper to know that “sitting is the new smoking.” To this point, coverage of the extensive science behind “sitting disease” has focused mostly on the the hazards of the sedentary behavior of sitting.

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Losing weight with a treadmill desk

How Many Calories Will You Burn on a Treadmill Desk vs. a Standing Desk?

Using a standing desk or treadmill desk will increase your basal metabolic rate thus burn more calories than sitting still, but by how much?

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NEAT Exercise Levels across the World

Americans Rank in Bottom 15th Percentile When It Comes to Exercise

With nearly 40,000 fitness clubs in the United States and millions of FitBits, Apple Watches and other personal tracking devices being used, you’d think Americans would be in the top tier of countries measured by how much exercise they get. But according to a recent report by the…

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sitting disease and brain

How Sitting Affects Your Brain

You’ve probably already read articles connecting prolonged sitting with obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. But how about brain performance? This week, a UCLA study was published that found sedentary behavior a significant predictor of medial temporal lobe (MTL) thinning…

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Objection! Attorney is Clearly Suffering from Sitting Disease

Plenty of professionals end a workday with a well-worn rear, but lawyers may be among the most deskbound workers around.

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