iMovR ThermoDesk Ellure Treadmill Desk Review

January 11, 2023
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ThermoTread Ellure Treadmill Desk from iMovR


Review Summary

For the budget-conscious desker with an eye towards elite features. The Ellure, in tandem with a walking treadmill, is an affordable way to transform your office into a moving active workstation.


Standard shipping cost of $249 in the continental United States. Additional costs for AK, HI, Canada. DHL available for international.

Ships within 5-7 days of order. Add up to 5 business days for freight delivery anywhere in the continental US.


Frame: Lifetime
Desk Top: 5 years
Moving Parts: 2 years

Lift Type

Manual Crank Adjustable

Transit Speed

3 turns per inch

Sizes Available

30″ x 42″
30″ x 48″
30″ x 60″
30″ x 72″
3/4″ or 1-1/8″ tabletop thickness

Maximum Height

49″ including desk top

Weight Capacity

200 lbs.


Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Suitability for Treadmill Desking
Positives With the fateful pairing of the Elite top and a manual base, the Ellure has set itself as a worthy partner of walking treadmills everywhere, providing treadmill deskers comfort, convenience, and power options.
Negatives Not ideal for use as a sit-stand-and-walk station. Lower maximum height than Elite or Electra at 49" versus 51".

Bottom Line

The Ellure represents the best of two worlds: a budget-friendly, functional manual base paired with your choice of a thick 1-1/8" tabletop or a modern, slim 3/4" top. Paired with a high-quality walking treadmill, the ThermoDesk Ellure easily transforms the corner of your home office into a personal NEAT pod to give you that necessary movement we all need throughout the day.

[Editors’ Note—Oct 11, 2022: It is with great disappointment that we hear iMovR has decided to suspend production of the ThermoTread GT Office Treadmill Base. They give a full explanation of why on their website. They also elaborate on their continued commitment to developing products for the treadmill desking community, especially their standing desks—which remain the very best kind to pair with an under-desk treadmill (e.g. Lander, Lander Lite and Jaxson)—as well as SteadyType keyboard trays, treadtop standing mat, treadtop seats, treadmill lubricant, under-treadmill anti-static mats, etc.). We leave this content up for posterity, and hope to see iMovR re-enter the walking treadmill base market someday in the future. But for now we appear to have lost the #1-rated option in the category; along with 15 other brands of treadmill desk manufacturers out of 18 that we have reviewed since 2013 that have also exited the stage. The pandemic and other market forces has taken a great toll on these suppliers.]

This is a review of the iMovR ThermoDesk Ellure in its capacity as part of a walking workstation. If you’re more interested in the Ellure as an adjustable-height standing desk, you can read our in-depth review here. All ThermoDesks are designed with walking in mind, so no review is complete without mentioning some key treadmill desking features.

Elite Top with Manual Base = Smaller Price Tag

We love the Ellure’s thicker (1-1/8″) table top option for treadmill desking (although it’s now also available in iMovR’s sleek 3/4″ version). Its gently-sloping edges and rounded corners make it better-looking than its thinner counterparts. Those sloped edges also have an added benefit for treadmill deskers by providing a safer, more comfortable edge to lean and anchor your arms to – which deskers are liable to do. The body has a natural desire to stabilize, or “anchor” itself as much as possible when in motion. Its why you instinctively grab the hand railing when descending stairs. While moving on a treadmill, your body likes to anchor unconsciously, and the desktop your hands are typing at makes for prime anchoring real estate. This is why the ergo edge on the Elite is more than just a pretty styling. The Elite desks come in 48″, 60″, 72″ and 83″ widths. While the Ellure stops at 72″ as its largest tabletop width, it offers a 42” option that is perfect for people adding a dedicated treadmill workstation to their office and trying to save as much space as possible. The Ellure’s legs don’t sit far enough apart to qualify as a true sit-stand-and-walk station that can fit a treadmill and standard office chair side-by-side. While this can be alleviated somewhat by choosing a slim, leaning chair like the Mobis, it still won’t be the roomiest base around – you’ll want to upgrade to an electric adjustable-height desk like the Elite or Electra for the wider space, as well as for the easier sit-walk adjustment. Same goes for taller treaders, who may prefer the higher maximum heights (about 51 inches, including a tabletop) of the electric bases.

Easy Does It

One of the challenges inherent in a long day of treadmill desking is keeping the desk at its ergonomic sweet spot. Many users find that as the day goes on, they start needing to adjust their desk heights in small increments to prevent muscle strain and maintain an ergonomically sound posture. The easy-crank handle on the Ellure makes it easy to make those micro-adjustments while you walk, without breaking your stride.

An Affordable Treadmill Desk… With a Twist

Anyone looking for a simple desk for his- or herself would do well to pay attention to the Ellure. Its crank handle is powerful – lifting up to 300 lbs. (rather astounding for a crank base) at an easy rate of two-turns-per-inch. While the iMovR ThermoDesk Elemental and Multitable ModTable feature a faster crank, their cranking tension is much higher and their weight lifting capacity too low to be paired with a heavier tabletop like the one on the Ellure. That said, some users – and especially those who plan on sharing their treadmill desk – would likely prefer the Elite, with its four programmable preset heights perfect for saving the perfect height for you and your coworkers. With the Ellure, you’re getting a no frills manual base. The table top, however, is another matter entirely. We’ve already discussed the extra thick top’s ergo edging. But with the same recessed inset nuts as the Elite, it makes installation a snap. Not only does this feature mean you spend less time drilling and more time walking, it also increases the durability of the tabletop. The inset nuts protect the wood fibers of your top from falling apart after multiple assemblies and disassemblies. In addition to these inset nuts, all Ellure table tops have pre-drilled holes for installing keyboard trays. These ergonomic add-ons allow you to set your keyboard at a negative angle and your wrists at a more natural position, with less pronation, extension, and supination – problems that become exacerbated if the user is anchoring down on their typing surface, as on a treadmill desk. Most adjustable keyboard trays can adjust up to -15 degrees. iMovR’s Stowaway Keyboard Tray takes it even farther, with a -20 degree tilt. Like all ThermoDesk products, the Ellure tabletop is 3D-laminated. The sure giveaway that a tabletop is 3D-laminated is in examining the grommet holes and contoured edges of the desk, which will be smoothly laminated throughout, creating a hermetic seal for many years of durable stability, which creating the appearance of a solid plank of hardwood. Ellure sports the same fully-laminated 3”-diameter grommet holes as the Elite. This is perfect for running your treadmill controller cable through, in addition to your monitor arms, printers, computers, and whatever else you own that comes with a cord – these grommets can hold your cable snarl at bay. In addition, these grommet holes allow the use of desk-mounted power modules, so you can access your laptop- or phone charger easily, all while you walk. No more stepping off the treadmill to look for an available outlet.

Many desks come with a grommet option, which is important to consider. Check out our article on grommet holes, with everything you need to know about the different ways to use them to enhance your workstation, what to look for in your grommet holes, and where to find the desks with the best ones.

iMovR Desk Caster Wheel Set

Also available with the iMovR ThermDesk Ellure is a set of locking caster wheels. They easily attach into the desk’s feet and turn your desk into a more mobile workstation. Plus, unlike other caster wheels, these lock in place to keep your desk secure on the floor.

Good for standing around, too

It’s worth mentioning iMovR’s EcoLast TreadTop Standing Mat as a great add-on for the Ellure, or any treadmill desk for that matter. When you want to take a pause from walking the last thing you want to do is stand on the cushion-less hard deck of a treadmill for very long, lest your feet start to suffer. These TreadTop mats are premium-quality, 100% polyurethane standing mats that are cut to size to specifically fit popular office treadmill models. They can be used atop the treadmill deck, allowing you to stand in comfort without stepping off the treadmill. Be sure to check out our 5-star review of the TreadTop Anti-Fatigue Mat to see which size of mat would be compatible with your treadmill of choice.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a used treadmill desk, be sure to check out our primer on used treadmill desks, and especially the conquest bonuses offered by some manufacturers to switch to their brand.


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