Coming Soon—Eureka Ergonomic Z60 Gaming Desk Review

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Coming Soon—Eureka Ergonomic Z60 Gaming Desk Review

MSRP / List Price



3-Year Limited Warranty

Colors Available



60.2″ (1535 mm) W
30.7″ (785 mm) H
23.8″ (605 mm) L

Product Weight

62 lbs.

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Coming Soon: Gaming Desk Reviews

Here at WorkWhileWalking, we’re commonly asked about which desk we’d recommend not for working, but for gaming. So we’re going to be branching out in the near future with tests and reviews for many of the best gaming desks on the market today, with a particular focus on ergonomic gaming desks. (Hey, it’s what we do!) While we are usually partial to standing desks, even for gaming, we will also be taking a look at a few fixed-height desks for gamers. Check back soon to find our review of Eureka Ergonomic Z60 Gaming Desk and more!

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