VIVO Table Tops for Standing Desks

September 15, 2022

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While most people buy their standing desk as a complete system, i.e. getting the lifting base and the desktop together from the same seller, you may find yourself needing to acquire a new desktop on its own. For example, you may already own a standing desk but the top has gotten damaged, or you may want to upgrade to a different size and/or color. Whatever the reason, there are a mountain of options to choose from. Read our Guide to Buying A Tabletop For Your Standing Desk to ensure you know what to watch for when purchasing a standalone top for your desk or table. 

In this review we explore the desktops individually sold by VIVO, and discuss where they may excel and where they might fall short of consumer expectations.

VIVO’s Tabletop Models Fit Different Needs at a Low Price

VIVO is big in the office furniture market, and they are joining in the move many in the industry have made to sell their standalone tabletops. While some companies that do this only have a few options of their desktops that just vary in size or color, VIVO does have a few different models that serve different customers’ needs. 

vivo rgb desktop

For example, VIVO has a version with RGB lighting that can be programmed to show different lighting patterns with an included remote control, perfect for gamers who want to set the mood and get immersed into the virtual world. There is also a dual-tier tabletop that can lift monitors to a level that may be more ergonomic for the user (especially for standing desk users). There is also a model that has a curved front that can be a bit more comfortable for placement of the user’s arms so they don’t have to reach as far for items to the side, like a mouse. Aside from those, they still offer more standard models of different sizes and even some two-piece L-shaped desks.

To go with those useful varieties of models, VIVO’s tabletops are quite cheap and affordable. Even in comparison to other commodity-grade products in the industry, these desktops are low priced, between $80 to $260. If the budget for your DIY desk is that low, VIVO is a decent option. Just know you will get a product with quality that reflects that price.

Are Quality and Customer Service Like This Worth the Hassle?

The biggest red flag for the quality of VIVO’s products is actually the price. There is no way to create a superior quality product, sell it at that price, and still make a profit. Particularly considering the numbers game they play with units damaged in shipping due to insufficient packaging. So, either they are making a lower quality product or not making much, if any profit on it; some standing desk makers sell their tops at a low price because most of their sales are actually generated from existing customers who’ve damaged theirs and can’t get a replacement under warranty. 

vivo two piece desk top

Another indicator that the quality is low comes from user reviews. Some of the models have no reviews, but there are some of the tabletops that come in two or three pieces where customers complain that the pieces won’t line up, creating ridges or gaps in the work surface. If they can’t ensure customer satisfaction in one of the primary functions of a tabletop (being flat), they aren’t likely to ensure high quality in the materials or longevity of the product either.

Another sign that indicates a problem with the quality of VIVO’s desktops is their warranty. Only covered by a 1-year warranty is bad enough given that poor quality materials might only last that long before their manufacturing flaws show up. On top of that, they won’t cover damages from insufficient packaging. But aren’t they in charge of packaging? The most hilarious thing about VIVO’s already thin warranty is that they explicitly note that “swearing at or threatening customer support can void your warranty.” If people become that upset with the company when trying to get problems resolved, well, we’ll refrain from saying any more, you be the judge.

While VIVO does have options in the type of tabletop, as explained above, each of those models has very limited color choice. At most, one size has six color options, and there are multiple models that only come in black. 

vivo two tier standing desk

For the dual-tier model, it doesn’t seem like VIVO was too concerned about aesthetics, even though it does offer a more ergonomic option. The bracket hardware that lifts up the second level is totally exposed and not attractive to look at. A monitor shelf might be a better option to keep it looking clean and nice.

VIVO La Tabletop Revolution?

Vivo does offer its variety of desks at very reasonable prices, but saving that much money comes at the cost of quality, color options, and longevity of the product. If you are ok spending the money again to get another top when the first one breaks or you plan to change your office decor soon anyway, that’s fine. But if you are really wanting a desk that is good for ergonomics and is a quality piece of furniture, you are going to have to spend a bit more.

Don’t forget to learn all you need to know about finding the perfect desktop for your standing desk workstation in our primer – DIY Standing Desk: Choosing the Right Desk Top.

If you don’t already have a base and frame, make sure you know how to choose one of those as well by reading our guide to buying standing desk bases. Or skip the DIY project altogether and go for one of the better complete standing desk systems available today.

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