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treadmill desk prep

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Your First Treadmill Desk

We’ve helped thousands of users get their first treadmill desk—and for that matter, over a million site visitors have read our reviews and advice—so we tapped our staff experts for their favorite tips to new users for the optimal treadmill desking experience, and collected them a…

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Rubber Treadmill Mat

Top Anti-Static Treadmill Mat Reviews

All treadmill mats are definitely not created equal. In this comparison review our expert review staff explains the difference between gym equipment mats and treadmill mats, and the further difference between ordinary treadmill mats and ones designed specifically for office tread…

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iMovR RightSize Under-Treadmill Mat

iMovR RightSize™ Premium Anti-Static Treadmill Mat Review

This is the highest quality treadmill mat we could find, and also the only one that is properly sized for an office walking treadmill. Other, cheaper mats exist, but are too large, too thin and flimsy, and won't provide the same level of floor and treadmill protection, or reduce …

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Nike Grind Treadmill Mat

Nike Grind Equipment Mat Review

Grinding up old shoes to serve a second life as a treadmill mat is brilliant, and we applaud it fully. However, the Nike Grind is an equipment mat designed for a gym environment. While it is thicker than flimsy 2 mm mats that are often sold as treadmill mats, it isn't as thick as…

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Lifespan Treadmill Mat

LifeSpan Treadmill Mat Review

A good under-treadmill mat will pay dividends by reducing noise, vibration and dust collection in the innards of your treadmill, while protecting the floors from damage. The best mats will be a quarter-inch (6 mm) thick, made of 100% recycled rubber in the USA, and properly sized…

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