Active Chair

iMovR Tempo Stool

iMovR Tempo Sit-Stand Stool Review

With similar ergonomic adjustability as the TreadTop Chair, the iMovR Tempo Sit-Stand Stool offers surprisingly good comfort.

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Top Ergonomic chairs and top standing desk chair

Our Top Picks in Ergonomic Chairs

Get your move on while sitting at your standing desk with these popular active ergonomic chairs. This growing list of fidgety seats will make you active. 

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Move chair

Varier Move Leaning Chair Review

Review of the Move Active Chair from Varier. Varier's active seating options help keep workers mobile even during chair time.

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HÅG Capisco Puls Ergonomic Chair Review

The HÅG Capisco Puls is a modern office chair that updates the ergonomic & active-seating benefits of the legendary Capisco ergonomic chair.

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Focal Mobis seat

Focal Mobis Upright Seat Review

The Focal Mobis Upright Seat is the newest member of Focal's line of active seats and user-friendly addition to the upright office.

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Focal Upright Furniture Mogo Chair Review

Simplicity is often best, and the Mogo active chair accomplishes the same thing that many of its competitors do, at a fraction of the weight and price.

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Biofit Bimos Fin

Biofit Bimos Fin Leaning Chair Review

The Biofit Bimos Fin is a sleek seat with a serious flaw. Its raised seat makes the Fin unsuitable for prolonged sitting.

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FreedMan Ergonomic Chair Review

The FreedMan Chair is designed to let you mimic standing posture even as you sit. Designed by an osteopath, it features a unique seat.

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iMovR Birdi Perching Stool Navy

iMovR Birdi Perching Stool Review

The iMovR Birdi's 360 degree range of motion keeps blood flowing and core muscles activated throughout the day for optimal workstation ergonomics.

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Focal Upright Locus Leaning Stand Up Desk Review

Focal Upright’s Locus Leaning Stand Up Desk Review

The Locus Leaning Stand Up Desk has elegant design and sound ergonomics, making this workstation a great stand up desk alternative.

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