MagneTrainer-ER Mini Pedal Exerciser Bike Review

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MagneTrainer-ER Mini Pedal Exerciser Bike Review

Review Summary

The MagneTrainer is sometimes used as a pedal exerciser under the desk, but it is generally a poor performer in this capacity.

Best Use

This product is designed for physical therapy use, not as an under-desk cycle.

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Magnetic resistance for smooth, quiet pedal motion. Bidirectional with a high range of resistance (3 times the competition). Comes with an electronic display for distance, time, calories, and speed. One-year full warranty.


Geared more towards use in physical therapy clinics than the office. A higher pedal height (5 inches taller than the DeskCycle) makes it tough to use at a desk. A few users make minor complaints about the unit sliding or rocking.

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This device is a hit in physical therapy clinics and adult homes, but the manufacturer recommends another model, the DeskCycle, for use underneath desks. We’d recommend another too.

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A Pedal Exerciser for the Clinic

There’s no doubt the MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike is a solid piece of equipment that fulfills its express purpose well. Problem is, that purpose is not to function as a pedal exerciser underneath your desk. If you’re considering the MagneTrainer for your workstation, you’ll be doing the equivalent of putting a shoe on the wrong foot. That’s because the MagneTrainer is fundamentally designed for use in the medical world, at therapy clinics and adult homes, not the office.

pedal exerciser

Height Trouble

The MagneTrainer's high resistance levels help it in the clinic, but other features make it a poor performer in the office. For one, it’s taller than average; at a height of approximately 18 inches, it’s a formidable presence underneath a desk. The pedal height, at full vertical extension, is 15 inches off the ground. For comparative reference, the DeskCycle has a pedal height of 10 inches. Add 5 inches underneath your desk and you have a much better chance of hitting your knees on the underside while pedaling. To accommodate the MagneTrainer, the manufacturer suggests an ideal desk height of 36 inches, basically mandating an adjustable height desk (which we highly recommend anyways, see our article How to Set up an Ergonomically Proper Desk Cycle).

The Takeaway

The MagneTrainer is a pedal exerciser not built for the office. If you're in the market for an under desk pedal exerciser, we recommend looking at other units, especially those with an elliptical stride. They tend to fit better under desks. See our Comparison Review for help making an educated decision; it spells out the pros and cons of each pedal exerciser, and there’s plenty of fish in the sea to choose from.


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