Desk Jockey Office Footrest Review

November 3, 2021
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Desk Jockey Office Footrest


Review Summary

The Desk Jockey Office Footrest is a great little companion for those who don’t require extensive foot support. At 4 inches tall, it’s better suited for arch pain relief and foot comfort than ergonomics, especially in a tall chair setup. Molded from therapeutic-grade memory foam, it’s perfect for both socked and shoe-d feet. But since there’s no adjustability options, you’ll have to know this footrest’s height is the exact height you need before you purchase.

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Therapeutic Grade Memory Foam


20″L x 8″D x 4″ H

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Expert Rating
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Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Lightweight. Soft Therapeutic Grade Memory Foam surface.
Negatives Non-adjustable and too thin for users with larger feet.

Bottom Line

Cushion footrests will definitely find business among plantar fasciitis sufferers and those with flat feet. The Desk Jockey Office Footrest is marketed as the best cushion footrest out there thanks to its studies-based, board-certified, physical therapist-approved design. At the end of the day it’s just a footrest—and a non-adjustable one at that. But it provides just enough support to improve blood circulation and foot comfort.


Desk Jockey foot rest

Footrests nowadays come in all sorts of guises. A quick search on Amazon yields a mixture of results including foot swings, foot bars, and even cushions as well as the more familiar footrests and sole massagers. The Desk Jockey Office Footrest claims to be one of the best cushion footrests in the market. Designed in a collaboration with a board-certified physical therapist, it is made of a therapeutic-grade memory foam molded in a semielliptical shape. It comes in a washable, breathable cover with a grippy undersurface.

At 20 x 8 x 4 inches, the Desk Jockey Office Footrest provides decent support for those who are over 5’3” or those who have a highly adjustable chair and desk. In our case, the cushion was just half an inch short of being a perfect height. But because the memory foam has a tendency to compress, its height is further reduced by about a third. This is why you’d want a footrest with some degree of adjustability if you don’t know the exact height that would be ideal for your setup.Desk Jockey

The length of the cushion doesn’t seem to matter much, as it does not perform any special function (aside from perhaps giving you more uncompressed surface to rest your feet), but its depth (merely 8 inches) leaves your feet in an arched position. It may not be ideal for some users, particularly those with large feet, but it could be an advantage if you suffer from aching arches.

When we compare soft foam cushions to sturdy footrests, the latter wins as far as foot comfort goes. If you want to get the most out of the Desk Jockey Office Footrest, we suggest using it without shoes, as it does a great job soothing your heels (although you better have your heater nearby in the winter months).

If you use the Desk Jockey Office Footrest while standing, you might appreciate the soft foam even further. It helps alleviate pressure on your heels and helps your supporting leg bear your body weight. We discourage anyone from standing with both feet on any cushion like this though, as the foam compresses and sinks too much, creating an uneven surface and increasing firmness. Only an actual anti-fatigue mat is designed to properly support standing desk users.

Desk Jockey Office Foot cushion

Desk Jockey cushion in action

While Amazon users continue to rave about Desk Jockey’s cushion footrest, it’s not a product for everybody. If you have a chair that’s too tall for you, you may require a taller footrest, so be sure either your chair or your footrest is adjustable. However, if you need just a few inches of soft support underneath your arches or heels, this model may be the right fit for you.

The Desk Jockey Office Footrest has a removable cover that is washable, so don’t be afraid to use the footrest with your shoes. Since it weighs only 1.35 pounds and comes with a storage bag, you can easily carry it between home and the office. The only mobility issue is its extended length that some users find too wide for its application.

The Takeaway

The Desk Jockey Office Footrest is a great alternative to solid footrests since they rarely feature anti-fatigue surfaces (although some, like iMovR’s Standing Desk Foot Rest, are exceptions). It’s soft and cushy foam can be both an advantage and a drawback. Since it compresses, the 4” high footrest loses significant height, but its comforting semielliptic shape provides adequate arch support and soothes painful heels.

If you’d like to know how this model stacks against other footrests, check out our footrest comparison review. And if you intend on using a footrest with a standing desk, don’t forget to grab an anti-fatigue mat or an active mat. Subscribe to our newsletter to get all the latest product reviews!


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