Adjustable Height Conference Tables


Overall Best Sit-Stand Meeting Table Reviews

Standing meetings are the future, offering significant benefits to employees' health and leading to generally shorter meetings as well. Adjustable-height conference tables empower an organization to conduct standing meetings without losing the ability to hold traditional seated c…

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boring onference meetings

The Next Revolution in Office Fitness: Sit-Stand Conference Tables

There's another new trend in corporate America that is dovetailing with the new interest in height-adjustable conference tables, and that's the "daily scrum" meeting. Most popular within technology companies, but finding widespread adoption across many industries now, these meeti…

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work from home using sit-stand meeting table

Sit-to-Stand Tables Finding a New Home… in the Home

Will this new trend take off? We don't know, but then the idea of bringing a treadmill desk into a bedroom or living room didn't exist not too long ago either, and now hundreds of thousands of people have done exactly that.

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Best Adjustable Height Table with Power Strips

iMovR Synapse Adjustable Height Table Review

Which brings us to the new Synapse tables. Our colleagues over at iMovR have just introduced their new Synapse line of electric height-adjustable meeting tables as a more affordable alternative to their pricier kin, with some interesting new twists. The new Synapse Scrum Table st…

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Confluence Adjustable Height Table Citrus

Focal Upright Confluence Adjustable-Height Conference Table Review

Focal Upright, the creative minds behind the immensely popular Locus Desk, are bringing their design expertise to conference rooms with their Confluence Collaboration Table. Purpose-built for the Mobis- and Mogo leaning seats, the Confluence lean-to-stand conference table makes f…

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NewHeights Elegante XT Conference Table Review

The NewHeights Elegante XT Conference is a standing meeting table that offers a high degree of customization, ranging from 60" to 120" in length. This electric height-adjustable table empowers your organization to conduct quicker and healthier standing meetings. Additional option…

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