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WFH Ergonomics Survey From University of Cincinnati Is In, And The News Is Not Great

Companies that can afford it (especially Big Tech) almost immediately deputized their ergonomics and HR departments to reimburse $1,000 to $2,000 per employee to let them get properly set up for the long haul. But hundreds of thousands of employers, perhaps more impacted by the r…

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proper posture on a treadmill desk

Keeping Your Head on Straight when Standing or Walking at Your Desk

When people walk by your office and get a side view of you on your standup desk or treadmill desk, they should see someone who is standing straight, head held at a neutral position.

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WFH working from a kitchen table

What Employers Urgently Need to Know About Kitchen Table Ergonomics

With millions of desk workers ordered to work from home for months, through the end of the year, or even permanently, employers need to consider the fact that liability for ergonomic injuries has now pierced the veil of the corporate campus.

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Happy at a standing desk.

Five Strategies to Extend Your Standing Desk Time

Many people hear or read about the concept of a standing desk and are instantly sold on the idea, often purchasing one on the very same day. No one can fault them for wanting to ditch the chair as soon as humanly possible. But what we often find is that even people who've been wo…

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industry standards for testing office furniture

What is ANSI/BIFMA and How Does it Relate to Standing Desks and Treadmill Desks?

While some purchasing agents consider ANSI-BIFMA compliance a minimally-required check-off item on their punch list for buying desks for their organizations, in our experience it's a starting point, not a conclusion. Be sure to read reviews or, better yet, do your own testing, to…

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anti fatigue mats for factory workers

Which Has Greater Impact on Relieving Foot Pain for Standing Workers – Special Shoes or Standing Mats?

We get this question often from employers who are looking for cost-effective ways for reducing foot pain, absenteeism and medical costs for employees who have to stand on their feet all day.

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Computer Vision Syndrome

Four Ways to Fight the Largest Office Affliction You’ve Never Heard Of

Computer Vision Syndrome entered the medical lexicon over two decades ago, and has given researchers headaches ever since. A non-specific syndrome, CVS symptoms are broadly defined, and range from tired eyes to contact discomfort.

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How many steps to walk in a day

How many steps a day should you be walking to stay fit?

epending on your age and current level of fitness, a proper fitness goal would be to take somewhere in the range of 5,000 (nominal) to 10,000 (optimal) steps per day. But the body will adjust best to a new regimen if this number is attained incrementally, not all at once.

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ergonomic workstation for varicose veins

Preventing Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are among the most persistent bugbears of standing workers - something that every treadmill desker becomes the moment the belt stops moving. Most readers will recognize the term, and many have probably heard it before in relation to prolonged standing; however, fe…

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Exercise Doesn’t Counteract Effects of Sitting Disease

New Korean Study Adds More Evidence That Exercise Doesn’t Counteract Effects of Sitting Disease

The average American office worker’s BMI is far higher than the average Korean subject in this study, and we spend even more hours a day sitting – whether at our desks, in meetings, in our cars, at mealtimes, or on the sofa watching TV.

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Why Standing Desks and Treadmill Desks are Essential for Remote Workers

Why Standing Desks and Treadmill Desks are Essential for Remote Workers

With so many Americans opting to work from home, it is important to ensure they have workspace at home that is conducive to health and productivity. It may sound enjoyable to work from a couch or bed, but doing so can lead to back and neck pain. Luckily, investing in a sit-stand …

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Varidesk Pro Desk

4 Times When a Standing Desk is Not a Standing Desk

We've also noticed a problematic, bordering on lazy, trend of using the words "desk" and "table" interchangeably. A desk is properly a workstation for one individual, while a table is something for multiple people to use.

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