Officemaster chair review

Officemaster OM5 Ergonomic Chair Review

The OM5 represents a major departure from classic office chair design. Two years of work with a forward-thinking design team resulted in an elegant solution to the adjustable chair. The rollers in the OM5 allows “body-activated movement” as the chair shifts to conform to a seat…

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Officemaster Discovery Ergonomic Chair Review

Odd-looking, but there’s wisdom behind the weirdness. The Discovery’s unique shape helps workers avoid the insidious computer hunch position, and many here at the office have fallen in love with the scapular range of motion these chairs offer. Besides that, they have the superb…

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Officemaster Paramount Office Chair Review

One of the most practical ergonomic chairs we've seen. The Officemaster Paramount is affordable, comfortable, and very, very adjustable. Those levers aren’t just for decoration – the Paramount is among the most customizable thrones our rears have ever graced. Once past the lea…

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