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standing desks from china

COVID-19’s Dramatic Impact on the Office Fitness Industry, and Standing Desk Suppliers in Particular

In this article we examine the impact on both the supply side and demand side of this market multi-billion dollar market segment.

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ErgoExpo 2017 Recap

August 21-25th the longest-running and largest ergonomics event in North America was held at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas. Each year ergonomists, manufacturers, and institutional buyers from all over the world congregate at ErgoExpo to attend seminars, network with like-minded pr…

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ErgoExpo 2016

ErgoExpo 2016 Recap

The converters came out in droves this year, far surpassing prior years' numbers. Varidesk, the behemoth advertiser in the space, has stimulated consumer demand with their marketing, and spurred on a litany of ‘me-too’ competitor products in the process.

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