ergonomic office chair

Standing desk with chair, balance board, storage drawer accessories

Most Essential Standing Desk Accessories

Find all the standing desk accessories you need for your workstation, including balance boards, ergonomic seating, cable management, and storage.

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iMovR McHale TreadTop StableChair Review

Comfortable treadtop chair made specifically for the Unsit treadmill with a stable construction and ergonomic support.

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iMovR McHale shown in Kelp Green

iMovR McHale Ergonomic Chair Review

Very comfortable and adjustable, with a strong warranty, the iMovR McHale has everything you expect in this price range, and a little more.

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iMovR Neemo ergonomic chair shown in black

iMovR Neemo Ergonomic Chair Review

Why A Chair? Read a couple of our reviews and you’re sure to find us saying that sitting is the enemy and generally trying to convince you to sit less. So why are we reviewing an ergonomic office chair? We’re also realists. While almost everyone should stand (and ideally also wal…

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Officemaster Discovery Ergonomic Chair Review

Odd-looking, but there’s wisdom behind it. The unique shape of the Officemaster Discovery helps workers avoid the insidious computer hunch position.

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ewin flash xl series ergonomic computer gaming office chair

E-WIN Flash XL Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair Review

Ergonomic computer gaming office chair with a variety of color options, adjustable height, and support cushions for back and head.

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Officemaster Paramount Office Chair Review

High-end chairs blend functionality and art. The Officemaster Paramount blends functionality with more functionality, so don’t expect a conversation piece.

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Officemaster Yes chair

Officemaster Yes Executive Chair Review

While not nearly as adjustable as other models, the Officemaster Yes Executive chair is Officemaster’s answer to the ergonomically-minded comfort lover.

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