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Obesity and Diabetes in the US

Is a Sedentary Desk Job the Most Dangerous Job in the World?

We know that “sitting disease” leads to metabolic syndrome and diabetes. And we also know, based on numerous scientific research studies, that sitting disease leads to an increased risk of cancer.

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Section 179 tax deduction on standing desks

Congress Just Raised the Special Tax Deduction for Standing Desk and Treadmill Desk Equipment to $510,000

Consult your tax or accounting adviser to verify, but there may be a very strong incentive to purchase a treadmill desk system before the end of the year depending on your situation.

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rebellion against corporate wellness financial incentives

Are Corporate Wellness Programs in for a Counter Rebellion?

Waving free dollars in front of employees in order to get them to change their dietary habits or join a gym is one thing, but there’s clearly a risk in creating any incentive system that can be perceived as discriminating against unhealthy employees or job candidates

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Insurage coverage office furniture

Employers: Do You Have Corporate Wellness Slush Fund Dollars to Use Up?

Contact your insurance carrier or broker now to see if you can make end-of-year purchases through these allocated corporate wellness funds. Also, take note that any capital equipment purchase you make in this year – including walking desk workstations and sit-to-stand desks place…

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Corporate Wellness ROI

Why Corporate Wellness Programs Fail to Show a Financial ROI

Consider the practice of handing out free Fitbits or Fuelbands to employees. While this has become a standard benefit in many corporate wellness programs, studies show that they do not lead to long-term behavior change.

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