bamboo balance board

The Level Balance Board

Top Balance Board Reviews

Looking for a balance board that can provide enough stability to work at your standing desk? We've reviewed the top office products available in this relatively new product category. Improving on the design of balance trainers and physical therapy tools, these wobble boards are b…

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FluidStance The Level Balance Board Review

From what we have seen of the board so far, it seems like it is a solid investment for those who want to bring style into their working space. The board’s hardwood floor finish and die-cast aluminum frame leave a profound impression on the users.

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Pono Ola ‘Pono Board’ Review

Thanks to inflatable ball legs, the board has some degree of adjustability, meaning you can regulate the level of instability, depending on the activity. Pressure in the balls can be adjusted with a complementary pump, but must not exceed 15 lbs psi.

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