Treadmill Desk Ergonomics

WFH working from a kitchen table

What Employers Urgently Need to Know About Kitchen Table Ergonomics

With many people working from home, employers need to consider liability for ergonomic injuries has pierced the veil of the corporate campus.

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treadmill desk for carpal tunnels

Avoiding Neck and Shoulder Pain and Carpal Tunnel When Using a Treadmill Desk

The ergodynamics of typing while on a treadmill desk are a wholly different experience than typing while sitting at a desk.

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correct height for treadmill desk

Setting the Proper Heights for the Treadmill Desk Surface and Keyboard Tray

The easiest way to picture your most “neutral” position is to think about how astronauts’ arms hang when they’re floating in their sleeping bags.

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treadmill desk

How To Install A Keyboard Tray On A Treadmill Desk

In this primer we cover everything you need to know about how to install a SteadyType keyboard tray on a treadmill desk.

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proper posture on a treadmill desk

Keeping Your Head on Straight when Standing or Walking at Your Desk

It’s likely that most of your work hours are spent staring at a computer screen. But, if improperly positioned, monitors can spell trouble.

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Treadmill Desk Check List

Other considerations when setting up your DIY treadmill desk

DIY treadmill desk builders need to keep in mind vibration and noise isolation, ergonomics of keyboards, mice and trackballs, static electricity and more.

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Your Best Position Is the Next One

Switching from sitting to standing to walking throughout the day is the most important ergonomic tip we can provide to help avoid injury.

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Plantar Fasciitis Ergonomics

What Plantar Fasciitis Sufferers Need to Know About Standing Desks and Treadmill Desks

Find out how a treadmill or standing desk can help sufferers of plantar fasciitis strengthen their muscles, move more, and break out of a sedentary life.

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slide-out keyboard tray for standing desk

Ergonomists Rate The Best Keyboard Trays

Ergonomic keyboard trays overcome the innate inadequacy of desks, allowing you to type in a way that’s more neutral for your upper body.

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Treadmill desk promo codes

Treadmill Desk Promo Codes

Buying a treadmill desk? That's great! Check our list to see if there's a promo code to save you money before your make your purchase.

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Published scientific studies of treadmill desk usage

New Study Claims to Illustrate the Downsides of Using a Treadmill Desk

It seems virtually guaranteed that every so often some university will publish a study negating some aspect of the benefits of treadmill desk usage.

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SteadyType Exo ergonomic keyboard tray

The Differences Between Ergonomics and Ergodynamics

Ergodynamics takes into account that everything about standing or walking while typing is different than when users were seated at a desk.

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