Standing Desk Base Frames

DIY Standing Desk: Choosing The Right Base

DIY Standing Desk: Choosing The Right Base Frame

Planning to build a sit-to-stand desk or treadmill desk with your own desktop lumber? There are some great options available. We'll take you through the pluses and minuses of each model. Understandably, DIY'ers are always looking to find the lowest cost option for any components …

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Do Weight Ratings on Electric Desks Really Matter

Do Weight Ratings on Electric Desks Really Matter?

This is one of those times when the only way we can simplify the answer is to say “you get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get.” Higher-cost bases will have more metal, and that means more rigidity, and lower risk of side loads straining on the motors and wearing down …

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iMovR Lander DIY Standing Desk Frame

iMovR Lander DIY Standing Desk Frame Review

The Lander’s lifters are the most advanced ones made today, based on Linak DL-6 linear actuators. Highly precise, brawny (365 lb lift capacity), fast (1.6 inches per second transit speed), and remarkably quiet, these come with a ten year factory warranty—they’re that good. T…

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UpLift DIY Stand Up Desk Base

Jiecang Electric Standing Desk Base Review (UpLift Desk Version)

If you're thinking about putting your standing desk together DIY style, then you've got a lot of choices in standalone bases that you can buy to match up with a desktop. The Jiecang Linear Motion Technology Company of Zhiejang, China, is one of the long-time producers of electric…

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iMovR Vigor electric standing desk base

iMovR Vigor Heavy Duty Standing Desk Base Review

This is the go-to base for heavy lifting applications, and with its long 26" lifting stroke, 50" top-end height range, and an adjustable width up to 75", it also makes a superb choice for any treadmill desk application. Besides being the strongest base available to DIY desk build…

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iMovR Studio 470 Base review

iMovR Studio 470 Electric Standing Desk Base Review

Bare bones simplified, the Studio 470 base is precision manufactured by robots but without complicating features and extra metal that are just not needed if all you're intending to build is a compact sit-stand desk for light-duty use.

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ikea idasen standing desk base

IKEA IDÅSEN Standing Desk Underframe Review

In yet another attempt at revamping its weak like of standing desks IKEA has introduced an bulkier, pricier version that is only slightly less underpowered than the notoriously unreliable Bekant, though its target market seems to be limited to those who already own other componen…

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shaky standing desk

Why Some Standing Desks Shake More Than Others

Early generations of sit-stand, height-adjustable desks were a shaky lot, but the technology has improved significantly over the past two decades. Makers of standing desk bases have made continuous improvements over the years, upgrading materials and using more advanced tooling …

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StandDesk Review

For the price, the StandDesk is a great lower-cost alternative to the UpLift, Jarvis and other Chinese-made desks. StandDesk's simple product and simple website is a philosophy that appeals to the younger generation, and doesn't go over the top with marketing pizzazz and unsuppor…

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